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  1. I sent an email to hardy, it turns out it was an issue involving compatibility, I fixed it now but thanks!
  2. I have been trying to install the Whitman (Verbatim) template on a Windows XP/Word 07 laptop, and have been having some technical difficulties. It would be so awesome if you guys could help. 1) The template is not my default. I have set up the template in the right folder, but when I open a new word doc, it does not open in the template. Is that supposed to happen? 2)the biggest problem I have been having is that when I open Debate.doc, some of the more basic macros work fine, but if I try send to speech or open virtual tub, I get an error message saying: "Compile error in hidden module", and then it opens a debugger. Have any of you had these problems before, or could you maybe direct me to a video of the installation process (I have read the installation instructions several times and do not see any mention of this) Thanks so much! Edit: fixed the problem with the template not always opening. the non-formatting macros still don't seem to be working.
  3. ^Can't tell if Red Spy is trolling or serious.
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