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  1. I'm sayin. Who is freewayrickyross directing this towards? Assuming that framework is our end-all solution to any "critical" argument is pretty offensive and assumes we don't have a deeper understanding of critical literature than him.
  2. Sexton and other afropessimist authors don't really say that. They believe that social life is inaccessible to black bodies because of sociopolitical structures in civil society that deny black bodies agency and their empowering potential. Which is why afropessimist authors take confrontational and violent approaches to challenging modernity, since the world writ large can never redeem the position of a body that in in of itself is defined to be undesirable. When Sexton is saying afropessimism is optimism he's really making the argument that once black bodies recognize their positions as disempowered beings that's when they can get shit done because they can understand that everything must be destroyed and being a slave any longer will only reinforce contemporary power dynamics. Moten's representation of blackness is A LOT different in the sense that he believes that black bodies can create agency WITHIN their own communities, and believing that white systems of thought can determine black subjectivity is bad because it ascribes too much sovereignty to white bodies. Both ends of the spectrum don't advocate black bodies as incoherent, that's what afropess does. Optimism embraces black agency as something to be affirmed, not a site of absolute dereliction. If you read any of Moten's books you would find that out really easily.
  3. I think OP is referring to the methodology of self-love that hooks has written a ton about. It's a legitimate argument, OP phrased it pretty offensively though. The argument isn't that happiness turns racism, but rather that happiness and agency aren't entirely contingent upon racist institutions, so empowerment can be generated outside of oppressive sociopolitical structures within marginalized communities.
  4. ArneNaess

    Chicago Teams

    UC Labs NR broke at g-hill. I would consider them nationally competitive.
  5. Some teams may actually use that as offense, believe it or not. If you remember the plagiarism PIC that several teams had run, there were decent warrants for how intellectual property should be abolished to challenge capitalist conceptions of knowledge production.
  6. You're clearly implying here that you have had the judging pool capable of understanding non-traditional arguments and that your school has the resources to send your teams to TFA. Also, I don't understand why you need to bring up how you made it further than him at UIL, doesn't really even seem relevant. But regardless, that's not my point. I still don't understand how OP stereotypes anybody, he only says that many debaters from west Texas may have to deal with conservative judges on a regular basis, not ALL debaters.
  7. I don't understand how OP is stereotyping Texan debaters. He's saying certain circuits and MANY, not all, judges are predominantly taught to adhere to traditional standards of debate. I can also attest to that, I've come across many judges that are lay or stock issues oriented, and I come from a predominantly progressive circuit in Dallas. Assuming that everybody has access to high quality judging pools and can go to TFA may actually be a bigger stereotype than the one you're accusing OP of.
  8. It also doesn't explicitly say physical violence is not allowed.
  9. I don't know about the circuit all of you come from, but in mine (Texas,) the resolution is specified in the tournament invite and it literally states that you must debate this resolution, so topicality jurisdiction arguments can be a solid response for the argument that the season has no conclusive end.
  10. I use this same laptop, I highly recommend it. The laptop works great for tasks that require low-processing, as in debate, and if you're into gaming, the laptop is very appropriate for that too, the i7 processor can overclocked to run at over 3 Ghz. The only con I feel is that the laptop's a bit heavy, and usually debaters like to have lighter laptops in order to ensure maximum mobility.
  11. Not their commodification arguments unfortunately, the one they read against Cedar Ridge only has the cites.
  12. I personally haven't attended UTNIF, but one of my debaters is attending the session right now and said he's enjoy most of the experience. He said dorms are okay, despite the showers not running sometimes, lab leaders are top notch, and practice debates are done nearly everyday to supplement lectures. But, to be honest, it doesn't matter what camp you go to, it matters how well you take advantage of the resources available there.
  13. ArneNaess

    Race K aff's

    Isn't that called the 1AC?
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    I'm addicted.

    Here's my best http://i.imgur.com/kKMCF4r.png
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