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  1. Oh i forgot to add...I'm in a district where judges hate K's. No one on my team has ever run one and has been succesful. Also, if you run anything closely similar to Timecube's stupidity, its instalose.
  2. What's the best strategy against SBSP. I've faced it like three times and i hate it with a passion because of how generic and boring it is to debate. Just in general, what are good Disads, CPs, and strats to use when facing this aff?
  3. How do you make the paperless table of contents where if you click on the line it goes to the page? PLEASE HELP.
  4. Does anyone have a super lay Disad that is extremely effective other than Spending or ptx? If you do, I'll be willing to trade a few of these following files: Self cut On the Ground Counter-plan JPSS/DSCOVR Tradeoff DA Self cut TSATs Neg (the one on open evidence sucks) DSCOVR 2AC Blocks HUGE Theory File NDAA Politics (look it up) Amazing Spark Neg Amazing Security K and a few more secret stuff i don't really want to say out loud because i wanna keep it secret, but we can negotiate. If you are interested and have a lay disad thats not spending or politics and is really really good please either 1. say what they are replying in this threat 2. PM me and we can negotiate. THANKS.
  5. not to mention that lay judges would vote this aff down immediately.
  6. All of those are the list of disads from past topics (((((((((
  7. Can anyone type out a full list of all Disads and Counterplans this year? +rep for whoever that does. and ill love you forever.
  8. Here's a few questions on DSCOVR if someone can please help? 1. What exactly is the inherency story? I've seen multiple warrants like: DSCOVR didn't make cut for 2012 budget, DSCOVRs already 90% paid for, etc Is there one card that explains it's inherent barrier because I can't find a set one. And if you have a card can we trade? 2. On solar storms, how do you win the "not empirically proven" arguments because the last major one was 1859. 3. I'm running a natural disasters advantage. What are some common arguments against natural disasters? 4. Is warming or disasters a better advantage? I think disasters because warming is too controversial. And no one can successfully argue natural disasters are good unless they connect to agriculture 5. Just in general, how would you attack justification. A lot of people in my district use J as a timeskew. For this case I'm thinking pushing the idea that USA is uniquely vulnerable to solar weather and disasters, meanig we should act ourselves 6, what's minor repair? 7. Whats a perfcon? 8. How would you win the link on DSCOVR when it's clearly not popular in congress? 9. What classifies as earth science stuff? I think DSCOVR Is earth science 10. Do people run jpss counterplans? Does jpss even solve for solar storms? 11. What's a smart grid? I've heard of the smart grid advantage CP for the solar storms. 12. Is it smart to argue a saving satellites= k2 military=u2 heg? I don't really like heg arguments 13. What's the dif between soft power and hard power? 14. Is it good to specify agent in plan text? In general, my plan text goes the USFG should launch DSCOVR through the space agency NOAA. We claim fiat blahblah.. 15. Should I have a solvency advocate saying that our agent solves or is that unnecessary? SHANKS <3
  9. I was just apologizing for the post I made earlier which people didn't like, and I didn't mean to be cocky either. I'm just justifying my reasons on that post and I didn't know you aren't supposed to start a new thread.
  10. I recently made a post called dscovr is amazing with why i think DSCOVR's awesome and it produced some backlash about how none of my arguments are legit. That might be true on the national circuit or a hard district, but i'm from a district where NO ONE runs Kritiks, the only way you can run a Counterplan is if it is a legit specific one without generic links to space, and a lot of the reg teams are noobs because the amazing ones go into champ.. Plus my district's teams, except for mine, rely on open evidence. They probably printed off the 5 page dscovr neg on debatecoaches and think thats enough. Plus no one has heard of my disasters advantage on DSCOVR. No one in my district runs DSCOVR until I started cutting a DSCOVR aff two weeks ago so come tournament day no one will know about it. Plus i made a sick comprehensive aT: Dsiads and CP file covering every counterplan and disad that people in my district run. And the fiat on politics DA works on le noobish teams. So yeah, i'm not worried.
  11. How do you write blocks AT: Counterplans on aff. Just in general like structure of perms, what types of arguments, theory, etc.
  12. blackperson


    Is there a file on the internet with answers to a large number of common SPEC arguments?
  13. Is anyone aware of the defense weather satellite system aff? It has some weird agent and is a weather satellite used for military purposes Negs for it ?
  14. Is this a good aff? It's basically a system that warns against flares for blackout and satellite intensive purposes
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