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  1. It's a good mix of both. The staff has been historically diverse, with amazing instructors from both sides of the spectrum (and everything in between). There is a lot of topic education but I feel like it's has been more skills-based just because it's only a 9 day camp. With that in mind, you are so immersed in the debating process that you learn a ton of topic information and skills just from those 9 days. Housing is really chill. You get housed with local debaters.
  2. Lana Wang New York, NY This is my first year out. I’m a student at Columbia No college debate Debated for Millard West (NE) for 3 years Highlights: NCFL Double-Octs (2011), 15th NFL (2012), NE State Finalist (2012) Probably not going to have time to cut cards and research Transportation needed for non-NYC areas Housing needed for non-NYC areas Currently, available Sat/Sun for pretty much every weekend Email: lanruowang@hotmail.com or lw2502@columbia.edu
  3. from Millard West: Lana Wang: Columbia Yan Zhang: Harvard Nishant Badal: Vanderbilt
  4. Is there an official page for the policy team? The Columbia website only has Parli debate listed...
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