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  1. 1ar up soon sorry really caught up with something personal..........probably on sunday if best...........
  2. Be specific What advantages do you defend? Isolate those for me? Like what are your advantages? Solving biopower....anthro..... What do you gain or the world gain from deconstructing SCI-THOUGH Also do you defend in-round discourse or fiat?
  3. What advantages do you isolate/defend? What do you deconstruct? Why does it matter if we live? What is Solaris? What do you want? What do you hope to achieve by the end of this round and after this round? Why do we need to search for aliens? What does it mean to be human? Are aliens, human? Do you agree aliens are real?
  4. The big question WHAT DO YOU WANT? Like really what do you want? What do you hope to achieve by the end of this round and after this round? Why should the judge vote negative? 1st off 1. What do you mean by institutional approach? 2. Status? 2nd off 1. What does it mean to be human? 2. Status of the K? 3. What happen post the alternative? 3rd off 1. You say you don’t have ground? Well tell me how are you able to run 2 other off- case and like 12 cards on case? 2. On limits…You claim no clash but the fact that we are arguing right now plus the fact you are able to generate some sort of offense refute this, no? 3. Why should there be a limit in society? 4. By focusing In the realm of Kritiks, doesn’t that increase education more than being “limit†to just policy. 5. Why do you stick to the norms of policy debate? 6. Status? Case 1. How does cap solve war when cap led to war? 2. How is capitalism key to value to life? 3. Have there ever been a time when the US was anything other than capitalist? 4. Your Hollender and Breen 10 evidence states capitalism corrects itself yet what are they correcting? DAYS, MONTH, YEARS passed and yet the upperclass continue to benefit from the lower class. SO when will it end? WHAT is your alternative? Is it to just let capitalism continues to stay here and take our reason to live? 5. When we invade Iran for oil and killed people do you call that cooperation? 6. Kliman, 04 evidences state only concrete action will solve, what is your concrete action? 7. Are you saying the aff doesn’t solve because you don’t agree?
  5. I'm down to judge. Cool with everything, love a good K debate though. P.S know your literature.
  6. -do you defend the resolution? yes defend your plan text? we're not defending a "plan text" or even a "plan" per se who does the plan? is carried out by the individual actors in debate, including the judge (aka micropolitics). how do you actually solve- what does it mean to be a "means of transportation" what is capitalism? Look at our third piece of DnG evidence. what connections do you create? where exactly is the transportation, the infrastructure that the plan claims to create? your Bell evidence talks about installing "doubt" or surprise into new actions- how does the plan create this method? why should the judges vote negative? what is the Rhizome? how does the plan destroy capitalism, and secondly- what does the world look like without cap? we don't claim to destroy capitalism top-down; we leave small parts of the system, the strata if you will, in place; however, we do trigger its decline through opening up lines of flight which micropolitical actors like ourselves can use to create the autonomous revolutions against capitalism our Owen and DnG evidence describes. We don't take a position toward what the world will look like after cap, as that would be a finite goal and would just link back the 1st piece of DnG evidence we read about how finite goals are paranoia. why is your role of the ballot important? if we win that capitalism is good- what happens to the ROB? what is "legislating for others" how does capitalism take over families- where does it individually split up members in orplaces them in other categories? Look specifically at our fourth piece of DnG evidence. what is value to life? how do we know when someone's lost their V2L? when do we know when the individual's lost their V2L? word count? how do we know that everyone will support the change? what happens to those who don't want the SQ to change?
  7. Hey it is set back to public. Sorry I was waiting for the opposing team and judges. 1ac is back up the link should work now. http://www.mediafire...4bv3hdzj92ea8s3 Open for C-X
  8. Conley in 2006 (Verena Andermatt, professor of literature at Harvard, “Borderlines; Deleuze and the Contemporary World, 95-100) Deleuze and Guattari, 1987 [A Thousand Plateaus pg 158-159] Dixit and Nalebuff 1993 (Avinash, John F. Sherrard University Professor of Economics at Princeton and Barry, Professor of economics and management at the yale school of organization and management. "Thinking Stategically") Deleuze and Parnet 87 (Gilles and Claire, profs of philosophy: Dialogues II: p. 146-147) Deleuze and Guattari 1972, Anti-Oedipus, 370-1 Schlag in 1991 (pierre, colorado law prof. 139 u. Pa. L. Rev.801, april) Deleuze and Guattari 1972, Anti-Oedipus, 330-39
  9. Looking to cut a heidegger aff for Infrastructure. Sent me a message if interested.
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