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    Fiat Bad?

    Does anyone have the Mitchell 2001 card/article that says fiat is bad?
  2. Synakal


    Does anyone know how to cite Lexis? It would help me a lot. Also multiple search terms while doing an advanced search, is it a comma or a semi colon between each word?
  3. I was at city championships in Chicago and in order to prove that Nomadism is inherently human, I "embodied the mind of a nomad" then -to prove a point- said racist remarks, did some feminist bashing, did some gay bashing, asked my (pretty hot) female judge on a date, and then did the opposite and condemmed everything I just said and called my judge ugly to prove that the "nomadic way of thought" is human nature and its a simple thing to spontaneously change ones opinon on command. You may give me neg reps but idc I won that debate and broke into Quarters lol.....that was the funniest round ever =)
  4. Can someone help me find a card that says U.S-Russian co/op or increased relations solves middle eastern instability?
  5. Synakal

    T Defs

    Hey, I'm doing T definitions and I really need a better variety of sources so can anyone suggest some websites or databases that don't require a hefty membership fee? (I would use LexisNexis but I'm not on campus so I can't access the database *tear tear*)
  6. Ahhhh!!!!! thank you bro =)
  7. well I guys decided on making a ironic aff instead.. *shrugs* satirizing American obesity as USFG Denialism would've been funny as hell....=/...eh to bad there's hardly any lit on that though *snaps fingers*
  8. Ok, for starters I'm not that well versed in the Critical side of debate so bare with me. I was wondering if Satire has been used in debate before and if so how? -this is excluding the use of satire in ironic K's and aff's-. And if not could satire be successfully crafted into an affirmative where a plan is given and the aff actually tries to solve for their plan, instead of giving an advocacy that completely disregards the res like in most critical affs? Also I know the structure of a Ironic Aff and I know it uses satire in it but I want to make an aff completely dedicated to satire. Is this possible? if so what would be the pros and the cons of running strictly satire over Irony?
  9. OH wait Brain blast, bro you could do the launch infastructure tier of ORS or SSA and claim the effects of the plan increases heg. (to answer effects T say framers intent or some bs standard "every plan is effects under the res the neg would diminish aff ground to nothing"). you could contract some private company to build a launch site for the air force, uhm same thing for the navy. (problem there is the states cp i think) uhm you could build missile launchers. you'd just need heavy lit and good t-blocks *shrugs* thats why I'm happy I'm in college now, this HS debate res sucks lol like bro go on the wiki go back to 2009 and you have the Alt-energy topic thats what this is going to turn into bro. (also cut A LOT OF ANSWERS TO DEDEV NOW)
  10. yes, Co/op on something with, Russia, China, etc. but make sure it has a STRONG literature base. For example my team next year will be running the tkm-world link aff. They have tons of advantage ground and the negative ground? Crazy. so much so I told them if they ever hear ground loss laugh and read a laundry list of things that could've been read against the aff. The only problem is the T- debate. You'd have to worry about "its is possesive", "investment not action", "in means US only", and some BS infastructure T that the camps will come out with. All of which are easily won with a quick fix "shut up and take this butt kicking like a man" T-shell. Furthermore if you wanted some offense make your standards be Aff ground, fairness, and education, then impact then on ground and education call them out for time skew so if they drop T -even though by nature they should be able to- you can spend like 10secs revive it, call them out, & try to win in round abuse as reason to still look at T and a reason to vote affirmative. I may have said that wrong but I did it a nationals quals this year if I can find my flows I could tell you. but i digress Co/op bro if you want heg you'll co/op. pm me if you have any co/op questions.
  11. Does anyone have any cards about US-Russia Cooperation? I'm willing to trade for it, pm me what you need. I really need a card that says US-Russia Co-op checks the rise of China.
  12. Anybody have a updated Jackson-Vanik Ptx, and have a card that says "US-Russia Co/op will check the rise of China"? I'm willing to trade a updated SOPA ptx and a Empire K with exts for them.
  13. Hey, I'll be battling the Space Commons Aff at the NAUDL Quals this saturday I'm thinking of trolling the team with 3 T violations a case dump with dedev, deonotology, and straight turns on case and a Kritick lol *blush* (it sounds mean but I'm really just trying to spread them out so I can go for 1 T and the Kritck in the end) so does anyone have any Kritick ideas that answers Space Commons? I would do the Empire K but my coach doesn't have one and its to late to try to cut it now. I would greatly appreciate it thanks
  14. Does somebody have some files that be used as a case dump on this? I was thinking of doing a "CP- [ opponents names] should quit policy debate and join public forum at once." Then some T...? Exact Plan Text: My partner and I advocate that the United States federal government substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere through our reconceptualization of debate as a forum for political action that would allow us to actively shape our reality, breaking from the regression of hypothetical discourse. Harm Areas (with explanation): 1. Desensitization We, as policy debaters, are desensitized to the suffering of others because we learn to view tragedies as evidence for future cases. We develop a speculative mindset and exploit the suffering of others. 2. Education Hypothetical solvency destroys the logical decision-making process and means that debaters will learn to think on a cushion of fiat, hindering policy making and public institutions in the future and degrading the educational purpose of policy debate. Solvency Mechanisms: 1. Raises public/ in-round awareness. 2. Forces debaters to employ real-world solvency mechanisms, resulting in the best in-round education. Framework: A. Interpretation: The judge should use the ballot to reward the team whose case contains the greater benefit to encourage constructive activity in future debate rounds and employs the most realistic solvency mechanisms. B. Standards: Our burden is to win that our discourse, performance, and advocacy most effectively supports the integrity of the institution of policy debate by dispensing with hypothetical solvency constructions. C. Voters i. Education ii. Research Burden/Reasonable Limits Addendum - We, as policy debaters, are desensitized to the suffering of others because we learn to view tragedies as evidence for future cases. Debaters don't view issues in terms of real-world implications, but only based far-fetched internal link and impact scenarios. This causes discussion of public policy become unrealistic and repetitive, further distancing us from the real-world issues at hand. We also lose our own agency to affect real-world change. Instead, we develop a speculative mindset and exploit the suffering of others.
  15. have you tried turning off the hot keys? or maybe the Send card to speech file? hope I've helped
  16. I have a tournament tomorrow morning and I've never had a successful neg round against EOS, could someone help me develop a strategy against it?
  17. US-Russia relations (AmeriAsia Peace tunnel) Launches, Ozone, Space Mil, Ptx (I added those because SBSP can technically be run next year, because it transports solar energy, so can Solar Sails, and if your're up to it you could make a Smart Grid with Blackouts, and Solar Storms as advantages)
  18. Hey, I'm a huge fan of the T-debate what t would you suggest I was thinking something along the lines of "development must be of/in space"
  19. thanks guys =) I was extremely confused with this I'll get started right away
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