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  1. Dear Big East Basketball, you are bad. No one wants to watch fouls and jump shots for 40 minutes, especially when it interferes with real basketball.

  2. That awkward moment when Blue Valley West breaks 3 teams to octafinals, two to quarters, and then wins state. Congrats Ideen Saiedian and Christopher Birzer!

  3. Classic Frank Beamer choke.

  4. I heard I can judge this too? I'm open to anything but I'm not quite as kritkally-inclined as some of my team mates are, so some more explanation will probably go a long way. I do however understand perm/framework debates relatively well so you're fine there. Just win your links and explain them well as well as what my ballot does and you should be fine.
  5. Jared Nelson

    DCI week

    I will trade you my SKFTA Politics file, it's pretty good. PM me and we'll set something up.
  6. I think she hates meDeep down, I know she doesshe wants to erase me

  7. Jared Nelson

    DCI week

    I'll come, I love to eat hamburgers and throw back bruskis at 6AM. I'll bring the bean dip!
  8. I also had no interest in "beating the living shit" out of anyone, prior to being provoked by an anonymous troll who wanted to fight me because he's so insecure he has to misquote people to portray himself as the victim. Also, as my squad so clearly wants to point out, nothing I say reflects the thoughts of our administration, coaching staff, or debaters. This is me, PM me if you would like to discuss it personally, or perhaps set up a boxing match.
  9. That's funny, I got a similar message from some anonymous nerd named "KHack" asking me to meet him at the JC Penney Parking lot on 119th and Metcalf. Could the supposed "hostile message" have possibly been sent in reply to you picking a fight on an internet forum?
  10. My posts are subject to moderator approval now.
  11. Riff Dog is entitled to his opinion, although I hear beating the B team from BVW is an announcement worthy event over at Blue Valley. Truth is I have the utmost respect for Mr. Riffer, the blue valley debate program, and the entire state of Kansas. I think it's a little sad that he mistook joking and raising a serious issue as disrespectful. I could've been a total d-bag and posted the list of every team I thought wasn't the best team to represent Kansas but I didn't because that wasn't the intention of the post. I know BVW has a bad rep, and I specifically have a bad rep. And I'm fully aware why, but I really was joking.
  12. I didn't bring up my DCI Qualification, fully understand people think/know I'm an ass, and personally like Sam, Allen, Danny, and Mackenzie, and understand they could demolish me at debate (as they did several times). I'm not sure what that has to do with who we're sending to nationals?
  13. Chris and Ideen also want me to add that this isn't Blue Valley West saying this, it is me. If you want to drop a BVW team at State/DCI, do it to me, not them.
  14. I never said I would have qualified with flow judges. In fact, I didn't even say the teams that qualified are better or worse than me. That's irrelevant to the greater question regarding who is representing Kansas at NFL Nationals. I consider Sarah Evans and Ross Marine friends, and understand they are talented at debate. As for Danny and Lauren, they have had equal successes, Danny has even beaten me before at BVN. I would however like to know who you are, since you're pretty sure I'm not a very good flow debater.
  15. Because BVW sends bad judges too. Shut your mouth.
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