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  1. cx T 1) what defines ecomic aid, -how would that be egagment? 2) where is the abuse? T 2 1) where is our card that i egage other countries? 2) Just because US leagealizes it - why does that mean other countries would and why would we trade the drugs with them? K 1)Status? 2) who does the alt? 3) can i weigh my impacts? 4)so because I try to bring order to a probelm- that cause totalitarianism? 5)so if i prove my aff is good - the judge should vote neg to make it meaningful? DA 1)wait congress does stuff? 2)your hagstorm card just says they are talking about it - where is a line that it has the votes to pass? 3)wasnt there a price spike in 07-08 -- so how did that cause extiniction? 4)when does congress ever agree? cp 1)status? 2)how does giving money to poilice instantly solve coruption? 3)your HRW card says US should oppse until human rights abuse stop in 07 - did they stop and did US give them the aid? 4) how does this not link to the k? case 1) why are drugs illegeal? 2)if the cartels are moving to other busisness why would they retaliate? 3)explain what your brock87? 4)even if Extinction is a "legitimate" impact, how probable is it?
  2. 1) my card is saying that anything that has to with drug war is popular in congress. 2) - you / along with most, is misuderstanding the resolution- your saying US needs to increase econmic egagment with mexico (or other countries) --- that is not what the resoulution is, the word "towards" in the resoltuion calls just for US action that is directed toward mexico.- 3)your impact turn proves it is a big part of their econ- my plan betters the way we egage their econ.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/view/smhsoapjn497ace/2ac%20vs%20argogate.docx 2ac
  4. a few more cx cp 1) so condo for both- because you can kick it when ever you want 2)how is it not T - is it because Mexico is doing something along with the aff? 3)do you have one specific card that says the cp (all 3/4 plan planks should happen)solves? 4)what is it that is popular? 5) your greens card says US need to give funding- is that what you defend?- or is Mexico raising the wages, paying for better training and equipment? PTX 1)are those guaranteed votes don't politician flip-flop a lot? K 1)so how does your alt change the way we go about politic - what changes does it make? 2) how does alt solve aff harms? 3) your alt card just says we should reject democracy as the best thing and treat people as equals-- so was is your alt exactly? that should be it
  5. ptx 1) your most recent card is from 2 months, don't thing change in politics like everyday? -- also what are the warrants of it passing? 2) Is immigration reform T under this resolution? 3) doesn't your link just talk about anything we do with Mexico? 4) does immigration reform effect any of our economies? 5) your "visa k2 security" card just says it will help with security - where is the warrant that our security is outdated? 6) does this non UQ the K? T 1)is your interp US and Mexico must work together? 2) what ground is lost?--- why are you guaranteed this ground? cp 1) status? 2) is it T? 3)do u have a solvency advocate? 4)how does it not link to the DA or the K or even the turns? 5)does Mexico have money to do cp? K 1) Status? 2) who does the alt? 3) can I weigh my impacts? 4)how does a K function in around? 5) Your first tag says we harm what we are trying to fix- but if the squo already has the war how does doing something to solve it cause it to be worst than the war? 6) so is your alt just that we all think everyone is equals? S 1) why did you not cut the full Dickson article? 2)what evidence do you have the drug market/ demand have gone down? 3) could there be other reasons violence increase in Mexico that would have been cause by the drug war? cartels 1)how does the status quo solve drug cartels - when we are still in the drug war, if we knew how to solve the problem in 2010? 2) how would your cp solve the Mexican economy? 3)if the cartels exploit the Mexican government, wouldn't that be the root cause of the Mexican economic problems? 4)Doesn't your Sarukhan, 12 card non uq your DA and K? 5)Doesn't the US econ go up and down every day? when has economic collapse ever caused war? are we not in a war right now- which the 1ac solves? 6) how does cutting there money off not lesson the influence of the cartels? 7)are you saying we should sit here while people suffer in Mexico - because a "risk" it will cause a nuclear war through US econ collapsing? 8) your card from 90 says we cant turn your impact case war cause structural violence- but is not because of the WAR on drugs this structural violence is happening?
  6. lol cx(most important speech to me)--- prep I guess- 1nc cx up tonight or tomorrow morn
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/view/px14r2l411l8qb2/drug%201ac.docx -- idc who judges
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