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  1. can you contact me please?

  2. can you contact me please?

  3. I found Resolved but I need the Debate Team. Lifeline did not have the movie so I'm still searching for it. Please contact me is you own the movie
  4. please contact me as soon as possible

  5. Thank you a lot. But still, if there is anyone who reads this topic and owns this movie contact me! It is very important to me!
  6. Hey. Could you contact me back if you own the movie Debate Team? I really need your help. I would appreciate greatly.

  7. I also asked in Culture, but I need help in finding the movie Debate Team Documentary. If you own it please send it to me to as I can't buy it because I'm not from the US.
  8. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=NM1IKKQA now if anyone could help me find the debate team documentary
  9. Those who have the movie, please upload it somewhere. Some of us can't buy the movie.
  10. If anyone owns The Debate Team Documentary, or has seen it and knows where I can find it (but not for buying). Please contact me. That movie is very looked for in my debate club (not from the US) and I would be deeply grateful if anyone would contact me.
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