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  1. Yeah, I didnt mean to offend anyone. I just wanted to inspire some gamesmanship, I didn't intend for anyone to take it personally
  2. It's funny that you all care so much about this, i mean the kid that was topspeaker and 5-0 last year didnt clear at one other tourney all of last year. Oh and cap deb is going to win because we have the largest backfile of one off Js in the country, no that was not a typo one. off J.
  3. As the loser from atholton said above it is MDA and unlike him i actually run that aff, let me break it down here- DA- Politics- you are not winning that debate its very hard to find spec links and i have a backfile of 10 "plan pop" cards for most groups within congress Spending- you better garner a link off launches becasue theres not much more to the aff weap- no... just no tradeoff- this is probs the worst DA to read if its a spending link as i said above, launches better be expensive CP- process CPs- no way in hell you win that there are cards out there saying it has to be all usfg to solve agent CPs- more ground for you here but there are good cards to why the US does it adv CPs- if you find one please tell me T- this is where you get the majority of your ground, i have almost everyone blocked out to some extent and i can get the debate to the level that you kick T but its still viable. unlike what the kid above said the plan text is now a specific system of sats so it is spec there. K- lots of link turns and impact calc here, if you know your K well go for it, if you dont T is your best shot, oh and be prepared to get overpermed
  4. i'm not sure you understand what "reps" means. I means representations, i.e. as Chaos said racial slurs. If your aff uses "bad words" or words with bad "reps" and the neg calls you out on it with a word pic or a rep K and the 2A stands up and goes the "we save everyone so what we say doesn't matter" approach to dealing with it, Reps first challenges the impact calculus that you're trying to pull to out-impact the K.
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