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  1. shak

    BYU Debate

    If any of you know of any development on the whole getting a debate team going at BYU please post back and let me know! Thanks!
  2. The affirmative could run the paramount nature of observing traditional morals in LD because it is a philosophically/morally based debate. Lincoln and Douglas were debating moral legitimacy, or the lack thereof, regarding slavery. In LD we have to look to traditional morals and the obligation to help those in need is a very standard, widely accepted virtue. On the affirmative you could run deontology OR teleology; both are as basic as criterions get. Deontology works because the morality behind "helping somebody in need" (the means), far outweighs any negative impacts that act of help may cause. We help people that are in need because it is the morally correct thing to do, not because we're looking to the greatest resulting benefits. Teleology because, even though helping somebody in need might not always be the an effective means of teaching self reliance, it leads us to a more stabilized society in the end. This is paramount not only to the upholding of government, economy and social structure, but to self-interest because individuals can only function effectively in a stable society. It's key to argue the logicality of the aff stance on the resolution along with the morality of it. Not only is it right, but by helping others we help ourselves, our families and society as a whole. The aff really has to cover all of it from ethics to a cost-benefit analysis.
  3. Is there a debate team of any sort at BYU?

  4. shak

    BYU Debate

    So I'm guessing there's not going to be any response to the question of how to get involved in debate at BYU?? I did speech and debate all throughout high school and was upset when I couldn't find any opportunities to continue here, but if there are I would love any lead any of you could provide! Please! (:
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