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  1. If anyone in Computer Maintenance needs the study guides for the final, let me know, I can email the answers to all of them except chapter 22 to you.

  2. Came back from Princeton, I broke to quarters and placed as top speaker.

  3. Does anyone know what inverted prose and inverted refrain are? Google isn't helping.

  4. So abuse only happens when I run a bunch of condo stuff, and let them attack one thing and go for what they conceded the most to and kick off anything I lost? Makes sense. Thanks.
  5. Is there a limit to how many types of arguments to run without looking ridiculously abusive to everyone in the room? Usually, my limits for off-case are 3 DAs, 1 K, 2 Ts, 1 CP.
  6. Open Evidence Project has one, it's called a solar flares aff.
  7. The point of doing this is to show that come the 2012 elections nuclear war will happen. This eliminates any disads having to do with nuclear war, I just find that the politics route is more unexpected and easier to defend than rogue states.
  8. As of right now I'm running an SMD aff with the rogue states impacts, but I'm thinking of instead of using rogue states, I'll say that both a republican or Obama win in 2012 will cause nuclear conflict, which make nuclear war happen no matter who wins. Is this a good idea at all?
  9. I'll also have you guys know that I was running SPS with the advantages of colonization and BMD. Then I cut off SPS and turned it into Space lasers with the advantages of solving for ICBMs/Space War and colonization. I'm planning on cutting off colonization since it takes up time because of all the on-case run on it, and since I'm cutting off colonization that's why I was considering Brilliant Pebbles.
  10. So as of right now, I'm running space lasers missile defense, but I as told that Brilliant Pebbles is a better option because of some impact calculus card that says a 0.0000001% chance of it working will outweigh anything, and that its solvency is easier to win. Problem is, I already know a good bit about the lasers aff, and I think that finding the Impact calc and solvency cards may take a while, and it's already late in the year. Should I make the switch or is there a better aff out there?
  11. John Quinto

    The 1AR

    On aff, I'm the 2A since I feel that I need to be the one to give the 2AC/2AR since I'm the better of my team. However, I'm noticing my partner is having plenty of difficulty giving the 1AR because of the negative block. An example of this is at a recent tournament my opponents ran spending, ozone, ASPEC, two Ts, and On-case, which were all defended in the block. We had the cards to counter the arguments but my partner couldn't get to the ozone so we lost the round. Also, as a note I can spread, but my district frowns upon it and my partner can't. Does anyone has advice on giving the 1AR and should I switch to the 1A?
  12. I just want clarification on what they are and how to run them. I think its when a team runs more than one CP.
  13. As of right now, the only advantages that I'm familiar with are: Hegemony, Small Farms, Desalinization, and Global Warming. The one I swapped out for missile defense was global warming, and I only have two advantages because the area I'm in and my coach frowns upon spreading.
  14. The reason I want to add in missile defense is so that it takes out impacts regarding ICBM. My other advantage is colonization so that my case outweighs any impacts on Earth.
  15. Were these guys from Princeton? Because I swear I they said the same things to me. The only things I had left was a T substantial, which they dropped. But the judge said: "You run it at the bottom of the 2NC so I have sympathy for them" so we lost. Since one of their advantages was overview effect I'm running a K on that next time, or maybe a Taoism K I got form Berkner.
  16. I'm running SBSP, and I already have a land missile defense advantage, but I kinda want to turn it into space missile defense, but I can't find any cards that say that SBSP powers or leads to SMD. I'm willing to trade cards if needed.
  17. John Quinto


    When I had a Taoism K run on me the judge said that my opponents using paperless contradicted the K. Also, you could say that the simple fact that they are debating is against the flow of the Tao. If they present a CP they violate the K right there also.
  18. I had a performance paradigm judge and ran my debate about debate K aff. From the 1NR onward I was holding up slideshows from my laptops that said: "They're boring right?" "Cool Story Bro" "INSERT POLITICAL MESSAGE HERE" and "My coach will beat me if I lose"
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