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  1. Here's the 1AC: the Word acount for the 1AC is like 2600 I think So 2600/1500 good for you? http://www.mediafire.com/?z3ig0257q51t77q
  2. Anyone want to debate me? I'll go aff, I'd like to finish the debate though
  3. I have got some Loyolla rounds I can trade you.

  4. I'm aware of those websites, I mean trade videos like getting some from others. Because I know people have a ton that aren't on debatevision, vimeo, etc. Most people don't seem to put theirs up in a public domain, so I made this post to try and get other videos.
  5. I'm looking to trade debate videos for ones people have of any good schools in high school or college. (I'm aware of debate vision). I have videos of high school debates and college debates, and a lot of videos of Klinger debating.
  6. Lol does C.E. Byrd even have a bid?
  7. Obviously I didn't list everything since I have a lot, that just illustrates I things from basic generics to "policy args" to "kritikal args"
  8. I said "x to y" indicating a wide range of arguments, if you can read, you'd realize that, I'm not listing every file I have because that'd take forever
  9. I have a ton of files and I'm looking to trade them for some unique stuff So, if anyone is trying to look for a specific file, P.M. me and I probably have it. (I have things ranging from Framework to Schlag to Space Mil DA to Offsets CP) I'm not closed off to anything, if you have something not super generic (i.e. consult nato CP) and unique I'll probably want it So P.M. with anything cool you've got and anything you're interested in and let's trade
  10. 1. So you keep asserting the Plan causes the U.S. to weaponize space, what evidence do you have that the U.S. will weaponize space post the Plan? Also, do you have any evidence that talks about colonies NOT on planets? 2. If colonies cost so much money, then how could the U.S. even afford to create weapons? 3. Why would the U.S. need weapons to protect the colonies if they'd be sent far away from Earth? 4. How is the aff an exclusive "space elite" if we'd let others onto the colonies? Even if cooperation fails, how does this our representations? 5. Why would we fight over resources if the colonies would be made so they can sustain themselves? 6. What's the abuse from "fiating solvency" by fiating that the Plan actually happens?... 7. What indict do you have of our epistemology? Why is it bad? 8. What exactly does the alternative do to solve global problems that'd cause extinction? 9. Your Hamilton evidence says warming is reversible, but it doesn't outline any action that will be taken and since you don't have a counterplan to do anything about it, what in the status quo will solve it? If you have any evidence on it, quote a line from it that says it 10. If germs in space are uniquely worse, then why isn't everyone on the International Space Station dead? Why haven't any new terrible diseases developed on the ISS? 11. What exactly is teh link to the weaponization disad?.. 12. Why is there an underview?..
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