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  1. Capitalism. Capitalism everywhere.
  2. GDI is a great camp. The lab leaders for pretty much all the labs know tons and will definitely prepare you for the upcoming season. Although, I would suggest going to the 4 week version or maybe even 5 week sophmore version of the camp.
  3. this works well also, you can just put 2013 in quotes in addition to whatever else you're searching for and you should get all the 2012-2013 wikis on top
  4. Are you looking towards finding like people's wikis or finding camp files and such? If you're looking for finding people's wikis you can just use the search on the ndca wiki itself (towards the left of the webpage) If you're looking for camp files and such you can just use open evidence. http://www.debatecoaches.org/page/open-evidence-project If you're looking for something else, lemme know.
  5. mnvsvk

    Link Of Omission

    I've run into this with Fem IR, Anthro, and Disabilities. And, what do you mean by number 1? Trippy wording.
  6. mnvsvk

    Link Of Omission

    You talkin' bout the theory or just general arguments against the link of omission? Just searched and didn't come across it. You mind explaining it again, please? Also, how can you spin the link so that it's a regular link and not a link of omission?
  7. Does anyone know any Link of Omission good theory? i looked in West Coast, nothing. Looked in every other theory file i could find and there was nothing. I was thinking something similar to "what you fail to say/do is just as important as what you do say/do". Also is there a way to twist a link from a LoO to a regular Link?
  8. mnvsvk

    Framework Debates

    That's actually really helpful. Thanks.
  9. mnvsvk

    Framework Debates

    That's helpful. Sound like good arguments to make. What can I say against framework stuff that we run into some rounds because we sometimes don't defend fiat?
  10. How does a greater link necessitate a greater probability? I mean, if two people link to a certain argument, both have an equal probability of triggering the impact. I don't see how a greater link necessitates a greater probability on disads.
  11. Wait a second. If something links, it links. Regardless of the strength of a link, if they win a link, don't they get to weigh it just as much as someone else gets to weigh another link to the same argument? For example, if politics links to a counterplan, it links to the counterplan. How is it that some things link more or less?
  12. mnvsvk

    Framework Debates

    Lol, yes I am. Okay, generally the arguments are extra-t and such. That's usually directed towards the pre-fiat impacts of the aff. Discourse solves shenanigans. I'm not really sure how to leverage the 1AC in this instance. Like, for example, we make an argument about how discourse of deterrence solves conflict and such but how would that relate/answer education and fairness standards?
  13. Lately, i've been having some trouble answering framework in the 1AR (with a kritikal aff, obviously). I'm not really sure how to go about the standards debate and what general arguments should be made. Especially in instances when the block spends like 6 minutes on framework, we pretty much get destroyed. You guys should help me out/let me know some things that I can do to get better at this. Thanks.
  14. What does it mean when people say that there is a link differential? For example, people sometimes say that a disad is a net benefit to the counterplan because there is a link differential. What does this mean? Thanks
  15. Hey guys. I need 2 judges (1 LD and 1 CX) that are willing to be hired. The tournament they are required for is Golden Desert, which is in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 2-4. If you're in that area or can judge, PM me. I can also give you more info about the tournament and all if you PM me. Thanks
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