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  1. http://bos.sagepub.com/content/71/2/75.abstract Thanks in advance
  2. I know that wake forest has an early bird camp and their evidence packet is already out. Does anyone have it? PM me for trade
  3. Woofwoof

    author pick

    What is the point of it? If I want to research it, what should I look at? Any wiki links to teams will be helpful
  4. Woofwoof


    Is there anyway to access all the evasion files i bought? like i bought the appealer pic but can't find it...
  5. Where do I start in terms of research? Any books or journals or authors you recommend? I get the jist of the argument but not sure where to start in terms of research
  6. i think that this should be in the LD FAQ section but watever. If I want to write a security k, would it also be link, impact, alternative cards like policy?
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