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  1. Jesus, yeah. I would. I'd still be a multimillionaire, he just chose the wrong day to opt out.
  2. I just heard the worst thing I'm GOING to see in a round. While facebook chatting with my squadmate about nat quals, he tells me that he has a VC pair and two observations, which are: V: Util C: Preserving life O1: Definitions O2: "Kritiks are fucking gay"
  3. You could not vote. Am I the only one surprised that Heidegger is actually losing?
  4. This is going to be a worse slaughter than Kentucky vs WKU
  5. This concern was also in the back of my mind.
  6. Zizek, Moore, Khalilzad, Layne. Also the poll is a much better idea.
  7. Ah, okay. Yeah, that's fine. The language of the block just made it sound far more mafia-esque.
  8. Pos repped because I chuckled. Also, since I definitely plan to use your sweet block, could you give an example of when the US has killed family members of terrorists? I can definitely see getting pushed on that (though not too much since there's no CX afterwards) and no instances come to mind.
  9. I'm trying to qualify to nationals, not getting zizek to be my friend.
  10. Okay, I see your point. I'll test it out at practice tomorrow, and depending on how it goes, (my team has demonstrated a significant amount of success against our likely competition at nat quals) I'll decide where to go from then. Last ditch effort to make it generally more viable: You treat it as though all the aff has to do is "concede" that TK and assassination/killing state actors are the same. It's not a concession. They would have to actively argue against the people employing it as a foreign policy tool as well as against academics and policy analysts in general drawing the same distinction. If the people employing it see a distinction, wouldn't that access neg ground (because that mindset would therefore be inherent to the use of TK) regardless of whether or not the AC is willing to see that distinction?
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