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  1. Jordan Hendricks (aka Joe Henge) Weber State University Majoring in Economics Happily debating
  2. Anything cut by James Stevenson is worth buying, and his K answer cards are always on fire
  3. The thing I've always gone with in terms of the NUQ DAs to XO scenario is that if they read an internal net benny like prez powers, read the DA in the 2AC, let them read their ev saying Obama has done a bunch of them, cross-apply that as a NUQ to their net benny
  4. I have access to a PDF version of Violent Cartographies, PM if interested Edit: Seems as if the OP is not in fact interested in anything like Violent Cartographies, but in case anyone else would like it, I've got it
  5. My argument is not that fiat guarantees the plan is popular. Rather, my argument is that fiat of an aff poses the question of "if this legislation was put into place right now, would it be beneficial?" The implication is that anything that happens before the passage of the legislation does not exist. There was no debating, no negotiations, no compromises. It just exists.
  6. It probably does, but that doesn't stop me from going for Politics
  7. K of bikes - use ableism
  8. Stop reading the Coercion K/DA
  9. Depends on the K. Most are reject the aff to question the discourse of the 1AC
  10. K finally got it 6 off: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?544nawdgpr6hnsd
  11. So I've got a tournament this weekend that I didn't get told I was going to until a few days ago, 1NC should be up Monday
  12. Follow ups: 8. What 1AC evidence says "oil shortages trigger resource wars?" 10. Whoa whoa WHOA. Where does Heinberg say nuclear and bioweapons? 11. But HOW severe of an oil shortage must there be to trigger the impact? 15. Lol 17. Actually no. The term "full employment" means 0% unemployment according to my AP Economics textbook, so I'm confused as to how you solve all employment.
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