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  1. I cut/have a bunch stuff on he-3 based fusion from the space topic. I don't know if that's different or the same
  2. it encourages offensive speech -- the ultimate example of this argument would be to spend 8 minutes in the 1AC making racial slurs, only to read a juxtaposition perm in the 2AC that gets the aff out of any culpability for their actions, this is offensive because it obscures the impact already felt by spectators and participants from the action and assumes that all discursive implications can simply be wished away.
  3. Always add an aff conditionality clause in 1AC plan text
  4. Util framework kills Heidegger. Slaves of our own mentality got nothing on death. Then Passivity kills action: The neg is gonna indite my idea of solving the problems, but that's the best we can do Perm plan then alt-passivity later after security from the plan is created Alt of Heidegger will always cede the political Heidegger turn: He indicates that we should question EVERYTHING so the alt should also be question. Most teams that run it will use the alt as a quick fix solution which links back to the actual alt
  5. Can you explain how exactly you would use cross-x to prove abuse?
  6. Please further explain, and if T is going to be your strategy how much time should be spent(including line by loine)
  7. Can spending 8 minutes for T in the 2NC be a viable option? (T would be 2NR strat of course)
  8. Looking for any heidegger files and/or suggestion on what to read for this argument. PM for trade
  9. I will be doing Skills second session
  10. November 22 2013 Catching Fire, let's go!

  11. I've always wondered what the clothes in dragonball z are made up, the tend to never get destroyed, only slight tears

  12. While everyone was watching Hunger Games last midnight, I was watching Neil deGrasse Tyson's lectures

  13. If you see a UFO, that just makes it not a ufo

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