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  1. ok cross-x then ill post the 1nc 1. What exactly is dehumanization? 2. Why is dehumanization so bad? why must everyone be "Human"? 3. What exactly does the Plan build? Will you defend something specific for sure? or won't specify? 4. Agent of the Plan or won't specify? 5. What is racist about current ti policy and how does the Plan change/resolve that? 6. What are the "good jobs" that people of color can't get? 7. How have you come to the conclusion that people of color want those "good jobs"? 8. You defend implementation of the Plan right? 9. Do you only defend advantages based off implementation of the Plan? 10. Nyquist thinks that the Soviet Union never collapsed, has zero qualifications in science, and is pretty crazy, why should we listen to him about nuclear war? 11. You say racism is the root cause of all violence? Is your argument that it causes nuclear war too or does it not cause nuclear war (so you cant turn nuke war)?
  2. we could use things like bonds or loans possibly, or it could just be new money
  3. ok, last question for clarity, do you dredge ports or not? If you don't, why isn't it a massive alt cause then?
  4. what type of ti? just list everything you do please What will you do for ports? like port dredging or what? what part of the USFG? or will you not specify WHAT power wars will emerge?
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