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  1. Hey, I think this is something that needs to be brought up again. We need the thursday file back. For some teams, this can be an optional thing that is helpful but for many smaller teams, this is necessary if we want to even imagine having a disad at tournaments. We need to get these signups going. It sounded like before that people were interested in helping produce this so I see no reason why we shouldn't. I was able to access this my whole high school career and it's only fair that these high school debaters get the same right
  2. FYI the author of the last card in the 1nc of the debility K saw how they used his blog and started laughing and posting facebook comments about how silly it is that his blog is being used for serial policy failure
  3. I think when referring to the Anthro K, people get upset because it is a K that the nuances can be understood in a very short amount of time and it allows for very indepth analysis of root cause. The oppression olympics seems silly to me, evolutionally anthro was most likely the "first oppression." While this doesn't mean that it is the sole root cause, I think it allows for good discussion of why we define racism,sexism, classism, ableism as sub-human but we don't like that discussion because it can be very uncomfortable. I think the major headache from the debate community is 2 things, first they view the K wrong and so go for the wrong offense and second, it is not common enough like cap to have good answers but it is just common enough that people have answers which are usually super shitty. People think that anthro applies to only animals a biocentric instead of ecocentric focus. So when perms are framed as we care about animals too, they just get more links. People also think that the k is saying that humans suck and killing humans is good. That is not what the K says. It says we should not prioritize them as a brown 95 card says that it is weak anthro, we have to have a survival ethic that doesn't have any utilitarian approach. Also if you read like Kochi and Ordan global suicide card, it just talks about how we should be better to the environment and be locavors. Always check that alt card for their incredibly large claims. These are the lines of offense your block should have. While it is going to take more than just reading Grey 93 to win the impact turn, it is winnable. Impact debates are easily won over the fact that the environment will be completely annihilated from nuclear war, that's not as likely to happen from the impact. Even if they are able to access that impact, it means it's too late to change our thoughts with just thoughts which means pragmatic actions is key. Besides these First, Impact Turn. Humans are fucking awesome Second, intrinsic problem with the viewing of the alt. Either they view all life as the same and then eating plants is the same as killing people or they create hierarchies in which they determine what animals/rocks/nature is more important in relations to utility or humans. Third, any impact calculus will always result in humans being superior regardless of how they think of it as humans create the most change, have the greatest utility of life. Anthro inev bitches Fourth, intrinsic value doesn’t exist, only the value we place upon it. Animals use for their utility just like we do. Fifth, ignoring humans dying is ignoring part of the biosphere creating dehumanization and a biocentric view that makes the extermination of humans inevitable Second with the common but not common enough. Anthro is seen as a second tier cap/marx because there haven't been a ton of large schools to change to it. They already have the cap work so they see no reason to make other main ks. So more and more I see anthro run by small schools who understand enough to get the links and win but not by much. You just need to have better blocks and not underestimate this debate. To be honest, in the debate community, I think we care on an individual level about anthro way more than cap. People also hate how it links. There should be multiple levels of links which i don't really see anymore. Extinction should be a link from the 1ac cx. Economic and consumption links should happen. Managerial links over whatever the plan is happening over. I don't think debate has a problem with anthro as much as a poorly run anthro K
  4. The debility K is ok but it is very unspecific to disability. This is a similar problem that college debaters are having as well
  5. If you still need help, I could help out. Been busy with my own work so I haven't been on
  6. I've had this run, mostly by west coast teams and I truly find it silly. It is based off a US/UK divide on what to call the disability movement. The UK wishes to focus on how affirmation happens by accepting our capability and the US with rejecting the ways society tells us how we should act. There really isn't a difference. It's not a convincing arg. It's easy to formulate a turn saying they focus on words instead of actually trying to prevent ableism means they are just ablebody whitewashing I think the reason I don't see any decent answers is because there isn't one author to critique because there are so many writing that are coming together and discussing which makes finding neg ks and answers impossible When referring to the ableism K, I think it needs to be framed in 3 ways, rhetorical, representative, and normatively. Most of the easy links are they said this think or they used this word as a metaphor. It's only looking at like in the post above how that has a normative way within society whether it be state institutions that oppression and torture disabled people that you can really get an effective link. I feel this links are harder to get and take more explanation with many judges to buy but are not too uncommon once you start looking around. It's really the justifications that they are taking and forgetting about disabled people and disabled peoples oppression. For energy affs, they want types of clean energy that could be more expensive but they could make it so that certain home bound people cannot get that energy and force them to live in situations where it is terrible for them and possibly could kill them. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me
  7. This is a question I have been wrestling with as well. At first, it isn't as simple as I would like but I feel that on top of generic state and policy links, there are discussions that are not being had about who is being effected by climate change such as disabled people that have to stay in homes or are homeless or are in areas that are vulnerable to the elements and are more widely effected by climate change. Discussions of war and disabling the enemy are a link. Econ competitiveness as prioritizing ablebodies. All their war scenarios are because we see our enemies as cognitively and physically inferior. Also I think metaphors of the ocean of the affirmative trying to assert it's dominance over the ocean which resists control like the disabled body because it can never be contained. It's multiplicity is too much for any controlling factors and they try to normalize the ocean into some useful purpose that grants them a good value to life. PM me if you are having troubles with articles, but I hope at least this can give you a start
  8. Yes I think the issue is that people are trying to use things that are necessary for disabled people like bigger fonts and different colored highlighting as a way to try to be better than opponents instead of debating. This is like like when middle schoolers decide they want to take someone's crutches or when people decide that Sara Beth Brook from UNLV's cane is a play toy. It turns things that we need into things that are just something for the ablebody to mess with instead of realizing that they are necessary for us to interact in these types of spaces. It also makes it so people don't take us as seriously. It is privilege to be able to use and not use these "accommodations" when we never have a chance to do anything else to be able to interact. I'm fine with people discussing disability and ableism because I think they need to be discussed, just the perfomative way that the OP was using is just problematic to the disabled community. Speaking for others is probably problematic which I see as this post but I think most discussions and Ks seek to speak with others which I do not see as problematic and are usually good
  9. I'm a mutiple disabled autistic college debater that runs ableism arguments and I would like to help the high school community try to understand and get the word out about Ableism kritiks However, this doesn't mean I will be helping with any A2s to ableism, I honestly don't think there are any decent ones besides politics good which is silly and they are speaking for others which I find true. If you need help PM me and I will see what I can do I do not have any files I'm giving out so please save you time and don't ask
  10. Yo this is like really ableist. Yes there is a difference between being ablebodied and disabled but that doesn't mean the disabled experience is terrible. The only thing that is terrible truly is the ableism and the rhetoric that it is something that is terrible and needs to be looked down upon. It can be hard somedays but that doesn't mean it sucks or is a terrible thing to be disabled. It's a beautiful part of life that we should all accept and be proud of
  11. I cannot give you an ableism K as it is both my colleges and my colleagues in addition to being mine but I can point you in the right direction
  12. If you are interested, I know where I can point you in the right directions for arguments about ableism.
  13. I encourage anyone who has this sort of idea to do one thing. Stop it. These types of affs and ways are just ablebody privilege asserting itself and using that privilege to try and be better than others. This discussion of how ableism is framed is damaging to the fragile disability coalition in the debate community that is trying to assert itself as being important. The problem is, people still see ableism as a joke and don't realize that it is very damaging to make jokes out of ableist actions. There are a lot of people that need different things for accessibility but they shouldn't be used to try to get the better of people or whatever.
  14. As a college disabled ableism debater, this part of D&G is problematic for 2 main reasons, first it uses madness and schizophrenia as metaphors. When you do that you ignore the oppression that goes behind these words and the ableism that society posits on the disabled individual. Second they speak from a privilege position trying to make the word mean something else as with the N word conversation above but because they have never had the oppression of that word, they are advocating another form of ableist oppression. I wouldn't consider using this is round versus any ableism team that knows what they are doing. This provides both links and massive disads to the permutation
  15. OK. Lets address all of this. I don't give a damn about being american. If it is bad, than it is bad
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