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  1. Thank you! That clears some things up for me.
  2. If I get a resolution that starts with 'This house' I am allowed to define that as any ruling body right? I had a practice round tonight and everyone had conflicting view points on that.
  3. Do case arguments in LD need to be general without examples unless examples are requested?
  4. I have done congress in the past couple years. What is CFLs?
  5. Is there a limit to the number of questions you can ask a speaker in parli debate? Do I need to thank everyone before I start speaking?
  6. What is Ks? I have never heard of that.
  7. How do you combine your cx and prep? I have never heard of flex prep in LD or policy. Do you ask questions during your prep?
  8. I am a debater who started with policy and now do both policy and LD. My tip would be to generate more credible evidence than you would for policy, and compile some generics that you know would apply to several cases. Concentrate more on solving a problem in the status quo and then trying to uphold one idea or thing over another. Demonstrate how your advantages will come to fruition and why they outweigh any disadvantages.
  9. Yeah that helps. Thank you very much. I went to some of the same sites but it always told me that they didn't define the terms together. But all of that works. Much Appreciation! Liana
  10. I have a resolution that says Resolved: Personal freedom ought to be valued above economic security. I have never done value before. I just decided to throw my hat in. Anyway..I need a definition of personal freedom. My contentions are going to be about free market, the American Revolution, and socialized healthcare. I need definitions for personal freedom, economic security, and conflict. Apparently, I am not allowed to make up my own. None of these terms seem to be defined together on any website. The only def. I could find was something about peoples inner feelings. That is not gonna work. Do any of you guys know of a site that you usually get your defs from? I have one week until the tourney. *sigh* Thanks for anything in advance.
  11. Oh...and I would debate in National forensics league it is just that my club is affiliated with STOA so I kinda have to debate with them. Does NFL do team policy?
  12. Resolved: When in conflict, personal freedom ought to be valued above economic security. I am having trouble coming up with contentions for an affirmative case. Any ideas?
  13. Okay thanks. I will start formulating a back up or primary case. I appreciate all of your advice.
  14. I definitely get where you are going with giving up the case completely. I take that into consideration, but I just wanted to ask a couple questions of you before I abandon the case altogether. If I had just told you that my case was to legalize marijuana and tax it under that resolution, how long would it take you to figure out that it is extra topical? None of the kids in my club have figured it out, even after debating me. My coach pointed it out to me. I am going to start brainstorming for more case ideas, I just hoped all of my time and research wouldn't go to waste. Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated.
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