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    Policy Divided

    Haha, wow, OK must have changed since I debated there.
  2. Have you reached out to the developer of Tabroom.com? The entire Boston Debate League now uses tabroom.com, and it is very flexible.
  3. From Massachusetts: Weston High School - Amanda Chen and Irene Liew Brighton High School - Richard Davis and Sadiya Gurhan New Mission High School - Elvis Alvarado and Fatah Adan
  4. I've been pretty bored judging rounds this year. Most teams just go for some variant of T, Neolib K, and some other off-case, and some case attacks. I feel like I'm missing out on some interesting negative strategies. Anyone hear any really good neg rounds? EDIT: They don't have to be GOOD strategies... Just interesting... =)
  5. Ironically enough, one of the two here pseudo-mentors my kids... -_-'
  6. Hey folks, HS coach here. A couple of my students are running a modified "close and give back Guantanamo" Aff. They encountered a Kritik in a round that they had a hard time understanding. They didn't get the full cites, but they tell me the evidence is from Dillon '13, and it seems to be a direct challenge to Agamben's analysis that Guantanamo should be the focus of analysis, but rather we should view prisons through the lens of race. I would love to get some full cites or cards so we can delve into the literature. The most I've found so far is Stephen Dillon's "Possessed by Death". We don't have a lot of access to a lot of the literature, but if someone someone here can maybe point me in some other directions, I can focus our search. Thanks a bunch! ~EHS Coach
  7. I have a hard time thinking about Iran in terms of politics. Has anyone found anything at all indicating that Sanctions won't pass now?
  8. I've had this problem for a while now, as well.
  9. At the expense of making light of a serious situation, I just want to point out, that as I was reading this post, I had this image of Stephen Davis creating waves of psychic energy that disintegrate all those around him, like a super-villain or something...
  10. There's quite a bit of name-calling going on, instead of responding to actual warrants. While I disagree with a large part of Nathan's analysis, I expect better of the debate community when it comes to critically analyzing dissenting opinions.
  11. We're referencing an example someone posted. I think it was the masturbation 1AC? Also, what did you mean about the following: and Thanks for the thought-provoking post! =)
  12. I've never run Irony when I debated in HS, but one of my students this year is thinking about it for the Latin America topic. We've been working on it together, and as far as I understand it, she wants to talk about how Western media tends to portray Venezuela and the Chavez-era regimes. . Specifically, I think she's criticizing how media portrays Venezuela as dictatorial and anti-democratic. The basic structure is to read a short "1AC" that uses as much jingoistic and imperialism evidence as possible for justifying engaging economically with Venezuela, then stop and point out wrong this is, explain why imperialism is bad, and then why ironic performance solves, etc. Are we approaching this correctly?
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