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  1. That awkward moment when you ask Brian Gonzaba to learn about Performance Debate....
  2. Lol I'm a nobody, I just did the UIL lab 'cuz I didn't have a lot of cash last summer :$ I did learn a lot from my lab leader though, mostly after lab. He taught me a lot about structure and organization (like what Uniqueness was, how to straight turn, etc). But I'll be doing the 3 week lab this year. My name's Ramiro.
  3. UTNIF is a great camp. Awesome environment, very qualified staff, and arguments & skills you won't learn anywhere else. It's the reason I'm returning this season.
  4. I was looking around for a 2012 UTNIF thread and couldn't find it. We should post here if we're going to UTNIF and what session we're doing. I'm going to Skills Intensive Session 2.
  5. Yeah, all of these guys are right. I'm doing UTNIF for two reasons this year: 1) It's the best there is. Hands down, I've never heard a negative thing about the UTNIF. 2) Austin, TX and the environment at UT make it an overall great environment to learn and tap into your mind for new ideas.
  6. I heard this aff. The cards were all from Gundam wiki lolol
  7. What would the advantages be? I can see some really wacky on-case args as the NEG saying that time travel (or the case links to time travel) kills us all,lots of scenarios allows hackers to go to the past and hack into systems when tech was really simple, launch nukes from early government computers kills econ --> back to the future II is proof, the economy goes to hell because of Biff/Marty's almana I love the idea, but it'd get killed
  8. The valley. McAllen/Mercedes area, I'm from Roma. This was our first year on the TFA circuit and we managed to qual for TFA state within a few meets.
  9. I'm from South Texas. Not enough K debate down here, the only ones who do debate K are the kids who went to UNT or UTNIF for camp; our UIL circuit is literally kids who learn about the rez a week before district, our TFA area is pretty good;
  10. What if we want to produce an aff outside of the lab, can lab leaders assist with that or will the lab leaders focus more on helping out the entire lab in general?
  11. This makes no sense. By the end of CitR, Holden realizes that he's a phony and that things have to change. So all your cards go backwards.
  12. Yeah, that's almost dead on. TFA is the actual competitive league of Texas in terms of forensics, whereas UIL is where you'll get lay judges all the way till finals and God forbid you run a K or a PIC at UIL State. TFA is where the competition is at. And thanks to all of you for posting your ideas. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.
  13. I have a feeling this might be the wrong forum, but idk. I'm from TX, and my school decided to not let us go to TFA state in early march because ''it's not uil.'' A bunch of people from the local community were pset because the school basically led us on. We're gonna give a spech to the board, and I'm tryingg to include parts about the real-world impacts of doing debate and forensics. Any tips or quotes??
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