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  1. falafel

    Geo Da

    i have a lot to trade. pm me please.
  2. falafel

    Geo Da

    im interested in this too. pm if you have please
  3. anyone have the camp files from this year? they're not on open ev and the link on their site is dead pm me if you're willing to trade
  4. does anyone have the utnif camp files? they arent on open ev and the links for their session 1 and 2 on their site dont work if you do please email me at falafel105[AT]gmail[DOT]com
  5. their links aren't working for me
  6. I can't find any working links on any cross-x threads and i dont see any of their stuff on open ev. can someone send them to me? falafel105[at]gmail[dot]com
  7. Could anyone explain these 'arguments'? Also, if you have a copy of them, that'd be nice too. Thanks
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