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  1. Rest of Missouri (that I know of): Blue Springs PR Lincoln Prep FF Lee's Summit C? Park Hill CF Liberty AV Savannah MS Logan-Rogersville DN Kickapoo ?W Greenwood HR Carthage BS Neosho BD
  2. Show-Me went 1. Blue Springs PR 2. [tie] Lincoln Prep 3. [tie] Lee's Summit I don't know for the names of the debaters on the other teams though.
  3. Awesome. I just finished my application and if I get in I would definitely like to debate there.
  4. I went to the three week this summer and I really liked it. The dorms are about what you'd expect. Denton isn't exactly the greatest place in the world, but that's not the point of going to camp I think.
  5. I remember at one point my partner and I were undefeated when reading spending last year, then for some reason we stopped running it and started losing a lot of neg rounds. Don't think you're too good for what seems like a "dumb" disadvantage.
  6. I think a good way to deal with the heg debate is just to read heg bad in the 1nc. If you're feeling really ballsy and losing the disadvantage, you could even go for heg bad as the net benefit.
  7. I had this idea at camp this year, but I was way too lazy to ever set it up. I'll definitely make sure the rest of the Blue Springs team gets on there eventually.
  8. http://vid-1.rian.ru/ig/valdai/US-Russia%20relations_eng.pdf There's some stuff in this pdf.
  9. Good times. I believe it was "Iran is a lot like a woman driving. A uniquely dangerous situation that ends up bad for both parties." Still did pretty well though.
  10. Blue Springs Dollar/Wakeman made it to round 10 in policy
  11. Actually, it's happened at our school before. A debater a few years ago died after qualifying, but his partner and another debater still went.
  12. I'm pretty sure the only way you can do that is if one of the partners dies or is otherwise physically incapable of going.
  13. Best 1A- Devon Smith Best 2A- Nick Erwin Best 1N- Jordan Dollar Best 2N- Not really sure, plenty of good ones, but I can't really name anyone specific Best Team- Nixa ES Best Negative Position- 12x Heg bad in the 2nc Worst Negative Postion- Budget specification Case of the Year- Any environmental satellite aff Worst Case of the Year- SSP Ultimate Kritik- Cap Counterplan of the Year- India co-op Best DA- Iran sanctions (for the one tournament it was unique) Worst DA- Spending Best Card- Cox in 11. Great for extending. Worst Card- Any NSSO card for ssp Fastest Debater- Corey Phillips from Lincoln Prep Best Word Economy- Devon Smith Best Spreaders- I don't know, never hit a team with two good speeders with a flow judge. Best Speakers- Parkview Most improved team- Parkview Team that will likely become great- Park Hill CF Most likely to run Irony- Spencer Culver Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Spencer Culver Most likely to take off shirt- Devin Alvarado Judge of the Year - Frazier Panel of the year - two flow + only one lay. That was about it for me. Ballot of the year (text) - (Not mine) "The aff did not drop the DA. They answered it in the 2ar." Best Run Tourney- NFL districts Worst Run Tourney- MSHSAA state Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- NFL Show-Me District Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - William Crisman Most interesting tourny moment - Toss up between vomiting profusely at MSHSAA in the Student Union bathroom and almost passing out/dying at Oak Park Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Goode Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Ray South (mainly for qualing all puf teams + some LDers)
  14. I went there last year. It was great for a first time camp. The instructors were awesome. The main downside though was the level of the other debaters (not saying I was the best, because I wasn't or that there wasn't really good people there).
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