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  1. Is transportation limited to human travel? I don't think this is the case, since you can "transport" goods. Hence, SPS (transporting energy) pipeline (transporting oil), and possibly smart grids (transporting energy? probably the hardest sell) are all still viable if you can win the T debate.
  2. Glad I went out on a good topic Wouldn't that oil pipeline Obama wants be a viable plan? I don't know much about it, so I don't know any potential advantages off the top of my head, but I don't think Obama has decided on it yet and is waiting until after the 2012 elections to decide (which means it may link hard to election politics next year)
  3. Don't be ashamed. I wrote the file after all. That sounds fine, what's your email?
  4. I have a zombie core. Bout 30-40 pages, wrote it in the summer between freshmen and sophomore year. Good for shits'n'giggles or for something a lil more serious. I'm looking for a solid aff on this space topic, if that exists
  5. I have a homecut Baudrillard file I can trade. I'm looking for a solid aff on the space topic
  6. jschroeder


    This is... no. Assuming the CP solves all of case, then a rational policymaker would vote for the CP if there was even a 1% risk the link was true and you didn't get slaughtered on the impact debate BECAUSE all the advantages are solved by the CP anyway. In other words, strategic awesomeness. However, a smart aff team will have an advantage (such as Hegemony) that makes it important to use the USFG. Even so, you get to weigh that advantage v. your US-specific DAs and they can't weigh anything thats not a solvency deficit for the CP. Either way, CPs that solve all or most of case are super strategic If as the neg you are "worth your salt"- yes
  7. Hey if u have the Steele 92 card I'l trade for it. What do u want?

  8. No a floating PIC is where you kick the alt on the K but still advocate that there is a "better way" than the affirmative plan/advocacy -Jschroeder
  9. I don't understand the violation. Unless your plan only happens on Earth and not in space, then how is it not focused on space? I would make a "plan in a vacuum" argument because it sounds like they are trying to determine topicality based on the advantages. "Plan in a vacuum" basically means that you should evaluate topicality by the plan and only the plan, not by the advantages that are created. Its usually a negative argument, but in this case it will probably help you (I say probably because I don't know what your plan text is exactly). It could look something like this: ___WE MEET- You should evaluate our plan text in a vacuum, and our plan specifically says that we [insert], making space the object of the plan. Or you could make it more technical (and longer, which isn't really a good idea for a we meet argument, but): ___WE MEET- You should evaluate our plan text in a vacuum, and our plan specifically says that we [insert], making space the object of the plan. Plan in a vacuum is good because: 1. ONLY STABLE ADVOCACY- the plan text is the only advocacy an aff team has to stick with, whereas advantages can be dropped. 2. PREDICTABILITY- the plan text wont change, providing predictable links for advs and disads Or you could make it lay (adapting to judges is always a good thing): ___Judge, we meet this T definition. Remember our plan text, which specifically pointed out [insert], which means we make space the object of our plan. -Jschroeder
  10. The phrasing I always use is "Allow the possibility of the plan in and of itself only in the world of the alternative" And then I justify it by saying that the counterplan frees a potentially beneficial action (the plan) from the violent rhetoric of the 1ac -Jschroeder
  11. I would like this too if possible schroederofjacobATgmailDOTcom -Jschroeder
  12. Desegregation and affirmative action were like, protests that Presidents acted on. Libya is a crisis zone. Space is not. Those examples are when the media is super involved in public opinion or when people are literally rising up in the streets. Also, they were announced when they passed. An XO over space is not crisis- or protest-driven, and doesn't have to be announced. That's a substantial difference right there -Jschroeder
  13. jschroeder

    Email Cards

    Assuming emails are private conversation, would it be a breach of privacy to publish an email online without permission of both parties? Also, assuming it is plagiarism to use an author's words in an email as analytics, is it not also plagiarism to use tag lines that someone else created in a file you had no part of? Or to use someone else's theory file? So I can't quote author's who were quoted in an interview, right?
  14. I noticed that all of those examples were, well, bills passed through Congress and not XOs. That just proves the link on politics and not that XOs will be percieved. Obama probably won't even announce he did the plan until it was so successful it couldn't help but give him political capitol. Its not like space affects everyone in the US directly and/or immediately -Jschroeder
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