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  1. I judged a couple weeks back but never heard who won? Who will be rep'n ks in June?
  2. We had a team account to Planet Debate and all we ever did was print and copy. We did hours and hours printing and copying during school and after. It doesn't matter were not her "children" anymore We got screwed when she left and the new guy didn't even have a clue. From what I heard the team won trophies at all the tournaments they attend.
  3. Is it normal for a coach to take everything with them we they leave? The team has been spending time researching, and picking out new materials to replace what we are pretty sure our previous coach took with her. Thoughts? VCHS Debate for Life Rock Chalk
  4. Why was the VC Coach denied a DCI bid? I have heard this new guy they have is a badass!!! It was good to see the old coach leave and see the program grow by leaps and bounds. I heard he had over 200 entries in three divisions using two huge building. VC is west??? Lets leave the kc area and move west!! VC DEBATE FOR LIFE!!
  5. You seem to know everything. Can you tell me who our new coach is? Where did s/he come from? Are they going to be as good as Ms Newton? We haven't heard anything...
  6. Maize South? Really? The team was joke. My friends said they coach quit/got fired mid season. Furthermore they got smoked at 4-speaker regionals... Most schools/coaches just wanted to 'check out' the 'new school'. Our tournament is so large we have to use the ms across the street and we always having a waiting list to get in...
  8. VALLEY CENTER!! Best team(s) ever!!
  9. Our squad never goes... and were a HUGE squad!
  10. so many camps to go to....

  11. Valley Center’s tournament is the best! They always have the best competition and it tends to run smoothly… from what I can tell… and what my coach said. I would agree with the other tournaments. DCI is all great and all… but many of the best teams a schools avoid the qualifiers. VC DEBATER --- FOR LIFE!
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