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  1. I will judge if need be, I'm Tab, anything goes. If you guys don't lay down structure for me to analyze the debate on I will evaluate everything. I like theory. I like kritiks. Gots to love dem High impact DA's. Ehh... CP are ok. Any other specific questions just ask.
  2. ok, i just got home from vacation so the 2AC should be up sometime soon
  3. ok a few follow ups... will u concede that the sun will eventually burn out? or that the magnetic field around earth will fade? if so how will we as humans stop the sun from burning out?
  4. okey doke poke, CX, On your CP your impact is china having an economic downturn = nukes ... where is the card that links the EU economy to china? On your apitol DA the link is that passing the plan makes obama have to put it through opposing congress or whatev... how does fiat not solve? in the K you say that space exploration is the pretext to imperial control of space orbits, A. so is anything dealing with space bad? and all exploration destroys political thought? you argue that the human race is "resillient" and cant be killed basically but then in your next card you out and out say that the destruction of earth is a certainty... if the destruction of earth is a certainty than would it be logical to say the only way our resilliency will show is if we get the hell off of earth? If the only way to solve this imminent destruction is getting off earth than arent you basically just saying we should put this off for some other day? The link to the war adv. is basically technology controlling the weapons right? how does your mitchell card link to space weapons when literally every weapon we use in the military has some sort of automated function? also does this gagnon author know what he is talking about? he is saying some debris from one of our craft will bring a new bacteria to earth? can you explain the logic behind this card? Wheres the link to the value of life card on the enviro adv? For the turn on the enviro adv. the impact is "Rocket flights will be postponed"... How is this a turn and how does this affect my case? what does the attfield 99 card link too? and what does your global warming card link too? you say that it takes too long to be effective, cuz you say it may take 50 years tops... but then you also say the world won't blow up for like 200,000 years, when will the world be annihilated??? lastly, should we be proactive or reactive?
  5. yeah like i know what i would run... but i just would expect that the people that debate race stuff would beat the generic stuff really easily. i wasn't really wondering what to run just curious about how well the generic stuff would work. Like i have framework stufffor that and of course topicality or whatev.
  6. and yeah i guess me answering your CX questions was an agreement to neg switch lol... Also looking back on my 1AC now i realize its missing a few cards and i posted it a bit prematurely ... but ooooh well
  7. just on the fact that (While it may destroy a little neg ground)it destroys waaaaaay more education since with spending debates you learn nothing about the intricacies of the plan and or space.
  8. ok... we have a lot of judges can we agree on Mdawgig, tad, and lifeline?
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