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  1. can anybody provide links to discussions of these Ks (if they exist), or give me an explanation of the arguments we debaters have spun off the authors listed in the title? (Kato (Cuomo), Kant, Foucault,) Same with Biopower K. what I know so far. Kato: is a Discourse K, says if you use certain phrases too often, you decrease its impact Biopower: plan increases government control of peoples daily lives, and that's bad.. thanks!
  2. RTFMF


    what is neg "reps" and why is it important? Context: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/52177-framework-help-against-perf-affs/page__p__849382#entry849382
  3. i guess chaos kinda explains the argument a little afterwards, but isn't the aff still technically in the right?
  4. Is being too specific abusive? like in This post by chaos (5th post) he says "...specifying what the space equipment will do may be abusive because it is arguably outside the scope of the topic." I feel like i've encountered this problem b4 in a round, where a judge voted T bc of a similar issue. why, for any reason, would being specific be bad?
  5. "goes out the window" even if the room doesn't have a window
  6. RTFMF


    What is a performative contradiction and how does the argument apply in rounds?
  7. From does anybody have the card that nathan is talking about
  8. RTFMF

    Blake tourny Ks

    btw, does anybody know link to the thread that he is talking about?
  9. RTFMF

    Blake tourny Ks

    so science is basically another form of Heidegger?
  10. RTFMF

    Blake tourny Ks

    A friend of mine went to Blake, and said she ran across "Enclosure, Psycho, and Science" Ks.. any idea what they might be?
  11. Gah I have to get out into the world more.. my regional circuit is lulling me into a false sense of "feeling like you know crap" anyways. What is systemic violence? and could you send me the link to the case where this argument is relevant? (I feel like it would this argument be used in some sort of biopower k..) thankss
  12. ahahaa i knew i saw this post somewhere else..
  13. RTFMF

    The 1AR

    What he said. Also, its a good idea to have all of the common on case arguments & DAs blocked out with its 1ar extension in the aff case, so you can just pull out the pages with answers to whatever the 1nc reads as they read it. eg: say your case is SPS " (label on top) 2AC A2: Mil DA 1) no Uniquenss args 2) no link args 3) no impact arguments 4) a2 any common turns they put on case" etc then have "(label on top) 1AR Mil DA extensions 1) they say __(neg's arguments against 2ac in block)____ but our _(evid from 2ac)_ evid from the 2ac says _(specific story in the card that the neg's card doesn't answer)___, meaning _(significance of what you just said in the round)__. you're going to prefer our ev cus this guy is _(why we listen to your evid author)_ while their author is just a _(derogatory, but legitimate title of their author)_. 1.5) any additional ev you want to read to bolster position 2) ... see #1" and of course, your partner doesn't have to read everything in the extension blocks, just against important arguments that they make. at least that's how my partner and I have been debating this season. any other ideas anyone?
  14. you'd need a judge born after 1985 to make him/her understand it.. What alt do you have in mind? (oh and what do the words I put in bold mean?)
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