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  1. mikeyjh7290

    Introna K

  2. mikeyjh7290

    K Bundle

  3. mikeyjh7290

    Enjoyment K

    The file is much worth the $5. i bought it recently and the card quality is very good and the cards can be used in a variety of other k's as 2nc block tricks.
  4. mikeyjh7290

    Enjoyment K

    the cards in this file are truly quality. It also has a lot of stuff that can be sprinkled into other K files. totally worth the 5 dollahs
  5. mikeyjh7290

    Fem IR K Blocks

    if you have a complexity file ill trade some FEM IR stuff
  6. mikeyjh7290

    Complexity File

    Anyone have a decent complexity file with blocks they wouldnt mind trading?
  7. mikeyjh7290

    Human Rights Impact Defense

    impact defense to those kinds of arguments never ends well lul.
  8. mikeyjh7290

    authors PIC

    Hey, im the guy that won VA states on it. Overall, i agree its a bad argument, but against certain affs it can be really effective. especially Deleuzian affs that talk about experimenting with politics. It can be really susceptible to arguments like "Perm Do the CP" and the aff can claim the neg speeches as their own, since that would be a form of plagiarism.
  9. mikeyjh7290

    OOO K

    UMich also put out some Bryant cards.
  10. mikeyjh7290

    Racism Good -- Impact Turning Racism

    Just remember racism can't exist if we are all dead. #Wipeout
  11. mikeyjh7290


    Does anyone have digital copies of any of Camus's books they would wouldnt mind sharing ?
  12. mikeyjh7290

    Barthes Cp/author Pic

    lul best ARG NA, amirite aubtin?
  13. mikeyjh7290

    Techno-Optimism Critique

    The file has a couple useful cards, but overall its not applicable for the current high school topic. Almost all its cards are specific to infrastructure used to create nuclear energy and not any technological fix.Overall its not worth a buy if you want it for the transportation topic.
  14. classic harrisonburg reading unhighlighted cards