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  1. thanks man! haha this place is great
  2. oh sorry i realize thats unclear now. and its a Barthes K that i'm working on, and I have an impact that myths oppress the thinking of the people, but I would like a terminal impact for that with more magnitude.
  3. or even just like not thinking leads to bad impacts
  4. hey does anyone have an article or something that talks about how oppressing thinking can lead to bad impacts? thanks a lot any help is appreciated
  5. The Real


    Alright thank you. Well I did know about Andrew Robinson, and I have cut his work heavily, but I only knew about his article “The Political Theory of Constitutive Lack: A Critique." Are there any more works out by him that would also answer Lacan? He's the only author that I can really find who really answers Lacan.
  6. The Real


    Ok so I'm trying to get a AT lacan file ready for next year, and I was wondering if anyone knows the specific locations in the Anti-Oedipus where DnG critique Lacan. and if anyone has any other at lacan stuff, or even ideas, feel free the share.
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