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  1. are you making a documentary, if you view resolved that will help you. also what's the deal with all these debate movies?
  2. no and yes. NO: you get more arguments in the flow that the other team does not have time to answer. YES: several judges don't understand it's consider abusive. honestly i don't care as long as i have access to their evidence
  3. for people that know about the space debris, then you understand that the impacts that they run are usually false or the links are stupid. for example an accidental US-Russian war that will be caused when something hits a Russian da. so basically what i want is: articles or a legit website that: -talks about shuttle/rocket debris NOT debris outside earth but the shuttle debris that gets left in the ocean.
  4. well for one you have an advantage over SBSP because SBSP states they want to increase funding for research and development but they fund $ to NASA. NASA will not do SBSP because NASA sole mission is to explore space. SBSP is just there so we can have an alternative source of energy.
  5. this post was stupid.
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