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  1. Sorry about the bad grammar and misspelling, my iPad hates me
  2. I'm assuming the intention of most of the people was asking what the arguments were was to be aware of what they were, I even clarified I would not be running them, so there is no need whatsoever for every single one of you to tell us to not run them in every single post especially IN ALL CAPS. Got it the first time. Thanks to those whose really explained
  3. thats exactly what i needed to know. thanks
  4. So my partner was judging at a novice tourney and said he saw someone run a space bears aff, I dont have many specifics besides that the satellites we were sending to space were angering these space bears and that their claws rip through metal like butter. anyone else heard of this?
  5. its really not to difficult, just cut (or retype) the text from the book into a card, make your own tag, and get the author and date in there (and name of the book, etc). hope thats helpful
  6. So I am just starting to debate varsity and i have no idea how these look or how to answer them. help?
  7. yeah but who doesn't love onion!
  8. by the thanks for neg rep guys glad we can all speak our ideas freely!
  9. i have a bad feeling i am going to start some bad things :l i think it is a stupid idea because we have schools (cough Boise High) who like to make squirrely things and use them against us and they dont post them so it just gives them the opportunity to look through our stuff and make the perfect thing to break it. why post your stuff to give another team that doesnt post their stuff the advantage over you? it makes no sense to me .... and by 'stuff' i mean cases and such
  10. okay... i know someone is gonna get mad but im not intending to make anyone mad... regardless this sounds so dumb
  11. bahahahaha you are amazing
  12. i fear sounding like an idiot but im from idaho.. what the heck is this?
  13. I have never judged before but i would love to if thats alright? If you want paradigm just ask.
  14. huh interesting. well thank you!
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