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  1. I agree with LilMax, Jeremy and Dallas are good, but I've debated them every year and just following the tournaments Paige and Austin are the best - they might have trouble picking up ballots from lay judges at state (but don't we all? and thats arbitrary shit anyways) but like it was said earlier, any decent judge would pick them up without hesitation. PatriotPolicy/Zach - well I don't know you then, sorry, not all Hillcrest judges are ex-policy debaters. I don't see how you're going to snub east-Idaho teams if you haven't even debated at the tournaments we attend? The east/west division shouldn't even be a problem because our circuits are so small that we can't help but at least try and get along.
  2. Is Centennial even going? and most of the circuit is really (tragically) opposed to caselists/disclosures. However, i hate that so here's whats been going around so far 1AC's Space Solar Power, about three schools run it Asteroid deflection Space debris (specifically EDDE tech) the kid tries to get out of solvency args with EDDE every time China Co-op (heg) Space Missile defense (in the form of Strategic Defense Initiative, their solvency is from 1984 lol) I head a rumor of a critical space based solar power but the school in question cannot pull that off so no worries there 1NC Most kids just use their affs as trade-off DA's GEOSS Trade off Space Debris (EDDE) trade off Climate satellites trade off Fem K China Relations DA China Currency DA Russia Relations Unilateralism DA NATO CP Heg bad DA 2NR's Kids in idaho don't know how to kick down, so it'll be the 1NC minus whatever you turned in the 2AC Hope this helps - any questions just email me jakesully8d@gmail.com Btw - like i said the circuits dead - Hillcrest has closed out the last 3 tournaments after quarters in CX - but judges out here are just looking for really generic stuff + on case, prepping outside that is suicide. Judge pool looks mixed, some good alumni/college debaters hiding in the midst of PFD debaters who don't want to be there an parents
  3. Austin and Paige are easily the best team in the state right now - however last year eastern-Idaho teams had a tendency to do very well at the few west-side tournaments our region attended. At state, mainly because of judging, a lot of very, very good teams didn't do very well. However, the team that won I felt did deserve to win (Johnston/Wittrock; Highland). Patriot Policy - You're from centennial right? were you the dude with the headphones/rainbow beanie or the other one?
  4. Jakesully8D


    Get your team to make accounts - resurgence!!
  5. Jakesully8D


    Shifting focus of the thread; No one will probably check this till the season gets close, but just to get it out of the way who from Idaho is doing policy this season
  6. Jakesully8D


    Hahahaha okay, i think we're the only 2 on the forums, so i sent you a request; fb is how most of east idaho stays in touch.
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    I couldn't add you on FB
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    Haha you just don't associate with them or something? you are not my west side spy then...
  9. None of our novice/JV/ anyone from the team whatsoever even signed up... Unfortunately its not gonna happen
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    Lulzies, who from west side is going to a camp
  11. Max-Absolutely yes please haha, if you know anyone else who would like to (we could pay them) let me know Mike-will do Zach- Nothing in stone, any ideas?
  12. So at hillcrest we've been discussing putting together out own little camp (1 week, small copy fee) that we would have lectures and labs and tournaments, basically all the things that you would get at a normal camp but just closer to home for a teeny fraction of the cost. It wouldnt have the exact same rescources as a normal camp but we would still have lectures from experienced debators and coaches especially, but overall the intent of the camp would be to strengthen the eastern idaho debate community and provide a camp-like learning experience to really everyone who would want to be involved. Would anyone be interested? Jlove and me are in charge of putting together a policy camp, a public forum and lincoln-douglas camp would also be offered.
  13. Hillcrest (A Division) Jacob-Eric Colton-Jessica Frank-Michael Jlove-Marguerite
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