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  1. ...woah cool it. You don't have to post here if u don't to. Think of that next time before you make yourself look like an idiot.
  2. Thank you. that was really helpful.
  3. I heard there was some generic hidden voter file thats pretty useful; i want it. i have lot of stuff to trade.
  4. Who else experiences drama in their debate team? Lots of stuff has happened in my years...friends fighting, people dating, coach/debater verbal combat, etc.
  5. Universal

    Pump up songs

    idk but LOSE YOURSELF (by Eminem) gets my team pumped up for tournaments. Also REMEMBER THE NAME (by Fort Minor).
  6. this is a potentially good argument. 1. You'd get generic space leadership advantage possibilities. 2. In addition you could some how tie it win with space debris (maybe say clean space debris and establish TR), otherwise you'd probably link really hard to a space debris solvency take out (unpredictable space debris could knock it out). You might want to look into ballistic missile defense as well, for example what would happen if a missile was directed to/ or hit the TR? 3. You could put the transhumanism good stuff (pretty generic). 4. You should find economy implications. For example maybe you could say that using TR saves X amount of money that is being used for space transportation in the sq. We spend much less than X amount of money, which is good for the economy. 5. You could also add generic space competitiveness arguments. 6. Add some MARS advantage or something of the TR helps for Mars transportation. idk im sleepy right now but these are just some points (that might be really weak) for/against the case idea.
  7. lol thats not multiworld theory. Multiworld theory is usually an argument for the affirmative team to run against the negative team. When the negative team runs mutually exclusive arguments like a Do nothing CP and a Consult NATO CP you would say that the neg operates in more than one world. more than one advocacy. You see, the neg themselves contradict themselves while they do multiple world advocacies. This leads to the neg running arguments without complete faith in al the arguments. and stuff like that. The aff would run multiworld bad saying that there should only be single worlds that way teams have one advocacy which promotes in depth debate and position. Its runnable with conditionality bad and somewhat similar to Performance contradiction bad.
  8. I'm entering my 3rd year of debate. I can spread very well and all, but i just kind of dislike spreading. I do pretty well and all, i just want to change. I want to change my style completely. I wanna be a debate who speaks at moderate speed, eloquently, with passion. 1. is this a really bad idea? 2. what things could i do to help me do this. Like i'm the 1ar and 2n for example. What stuff should i do (saying less words)?
  9. I was under the impression that NASA was speculating on fighting debris? Did they already establish them? That was basically what my question was; i was wondering how long it would be before the lasers were actually established (would it be anytime during the season?).
  10. I was wondering. You guys know how we often put down our analytics (theory, framework, spec, procedural, etc) onto paper, and how other teams can read them too? For on a theory argument for example, if one were to verbally add a few more voters and/or points of analytics that were not written on the paper, would that count as clipping cards? Like if for ASPEC your going down the paper of analytics from w/e campfile and something pops into mind so you blurt out a voter that might not be on the paper. Is that clipping cards? I mean the other team might not catch and respond to it because it wasn't on paper... crap i probably should have put this in the theory forum... i'm sorry... idk how to fix it....
  11. I was considering running a space debris case, but I feel like it'll become noninherent within a matter of months of the season if not even before. Please tell me I'm wrong. Does anyone know anything about this? When i'm wondering about its inherency, I mean will NASA already establish lasers or some way to deal with the problem.
  12. lol how did you know what i was aiming for? Like i had the fwork?
  13. Is there evidence saying specifically that going into space and doing stuff increases biopower somehow through exceptionalism and stuff?
  14. Alright. I have a new partner. He is not exactly novice he is entering his third year, but he is more of a Midlevel JV. I need to rebuild his foundation i think. I wanna rebuild it firmly, and make him really good. I've been varsity for a year, and hes been in JV. What should I do to get fix him up, as in make him more than ready for varsity, and have us rank/break? i want to make him really good. People on the team have kind of lost hope but I think theres potential. So far I've sent him crap load of lectures off planet debate. I want to run a Lacan/Schopenhauer K with him.
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