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  1. Huckabee just announced he's not seeking election. Does anybody currently getting media attention, besides Romney, have a shot at beating Obama in 2012?
  2. What has happened besides paul ryan's budget plan to swing the pendulum back to the center? People are still really upset about Obamacare, gas prices, and the budget deficit.
  3. I'm not giving warrants because most politicians don't give warrants. I'm just giving my take how the republican candidates will spin reality to get political support. I don't think any event in the news is bad for Obama, just that the public's general discontent with the status quo will give the GOP a lot of offense come 2012. Last election Obama won on "change" - this time, people who want change are going to look for somebody else.
  4. I disagree. The economy has been sluggishly increasing for the last few years, but not nearly as fast as Obama led people to believe back in 2008. People expected him to be some magic solution to the economy, and he just hasn't really pulled through. "How's that whole hopey-changey thing working out for ya?" High unemployment, coupled with record high gas prices (which will be especially devastating if they don't come down) are going to be hard to spin as wins. People have very short term memories; many will vote republican in 2012 for the same reason they voted Obama back in 2008 - the promise of quick change. The GOP won the media debate on health care. The bill that passed is socialist, massively expensive, and extremely unpopular. Whether it brings down costs in reality matters much less (in my opinion). I don't see Obama getting credit for budget cuts. Without touching military or entitlement spending, most cuts are pretty insignificant. The GOP will just keep reiterating how large the deficit still is, and (correctly) argue that we're still spending more than we're bringing in. Obama is branded as a "big-government-loving socialist." Whether it's true or not, people believe it.
  5. is there any reason that obama might/ should do this? if so, with whom?
  6. i think he'll get a lot of credit. it helps undermine the argument that obama is "weak" on foreign policy. he shifted the focus away from iraq toward afghanistan/ bin ladin and did what the GOP was unable to in 8 years.
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