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  1. p.s. stephen you're cute
  2. yes would somebody mind telling me who is speaking on our behalfs?
  3. Pine Crest BM has 4 bids, not 3. Greenhill, USC, Redlands, MBA
  4. history will be made...for those who decide to attend. if youre not there, youll never know. thats right, suspenseful. good to hear that all of you want to come. its a really fun tournament and we are going to have a blast. and yes, the food is always great. come on, ernesto querido is our coach and he is a connoisseur.
  5. check joyoftournaments for team list it should be on there- not sure on teams but will let you know as it gets closer and things are more definite
  6. Alright so for all of you debate fans looking for another weekend to fill, why not come down to Florida for a little fun in the sun. Obviously there would be some debating involved but still, who could pass it up. Its the second weekend in January (right after MBA for all you kids who are bad with dates). You can check out more information at http://www.joyoftournaments.com or just hit me up. Seth P.S. Even Sara Kirsch wants to come (so she can give my partner mono)
  7. dont worry stephen your still my favorite
  8. florida debate isn't dead yet kids keep it real across the nation
  9. its true...ive seen him do it i dunno about self-concious, try cause he loves the cyber-beej
  10. umm i debated with stephen weil at nu this summer, and he was HORRIBLE...i mean, HO EM GEE, i dont know HOW he won the TOC as a soph but my god. People say most kids get better as they get older, but i think he hit the diminishing returns on his 12th year and its been down hill ever since then. Anyone who thinks stephen weil is good at debate should really consider suicide because i dont see a reason to live if you are JUST...THAT...DUMB
  11. !!!!!FUCK YEAH...its elliot carr-lee aka mr. anderson!!!!! -now what would schlaug have to say about that? -If you cant garner a link to normativity then CLEARLY theyre cheating -If i cant run norm i might as well quit p.s. for all you listening fans out there, news just in: jordan molliver was EXTREMELY, and i dont mean mildly, but EXTREMELY jealous of matt fisher..........for getting with his sister......(i think i just threw up in my mouth)
  12. rajat i got ur back on this one aneesh, its just not true...so ill give u the play by play: rajats towel drops but he is out of her line of sight because she is tucked back in the corner of the elevator next thing you know, molly leans her head out to take a peak, her jaw drops in awe, and she stares at rajats penis for a good 3 minutes clearly she liked what she saw...clearly... and so you all know, rajat is a mature individual who just likes to walk around naked, thats all
  13. o and i almost forgot 31) ashley fortner streaking through the diag [thanks for reminding me rajat]
  14. AWWWW SKEET SKEET I think everyone covered about everything, but just to be sure ill fill in a few gaps: 1) rebecca powers and dingleberry in the library on top of books 2) ian getting his pants DROPPED in the middle of an overpopulated bus 3) "I learned this one in the navy" - damn right fields, damn right 4) Bubble tea fights (Especially when it got stuck in ian's ear) 5) sklaroff, enough said 6) reuben ALMOST ending my life 7) polygamy key to solve overpopulation- those women just arent as likely to be as well serviced- truth is ON OUR SIDE 8) that weird indian kid famously known as "hair here, not here" who would shave his beard during lectures with scissors 9) fields deep-throating cafeteria ice cream 10) extein trying to get with pre-pubescent girls 11) berk's benjamin and franklin 12) molly ryan staring at rajats penis on the last day, and i mean STARING 13) berks odd sex toys 14) jordan mollivers crush, on his sister, gross? 15) hi table talk hi 16) rajat humping garret with the dildo and his subsequent reaction 17) big willy v. gary- what a showdown 18) "big nicks wild ride", When the middle stall is a rockin, dont come a knockin 19) berk declaring that he would, in fact, give elton john head 20) teeny iany 21) "travis, can we bring hookers?", response: "all people have to be cleared by me"- you go travis, woo woo. shotgun anus! 22) the bat- rajat and i shotgunning it, knitting needles and cup of noodles, those STUPID dps douches who thought that MAYBE if they kept shining their lights on it theyd figure out that it was a bat, i mean it was probably just coincidence that the bat FLIPPED A SHIT everytime they did, they were clearly top notch police officers, top notch 23) mandrews taking down the HOUSE mav 24) chewbecca/pradeepthroat- "hey rebecca, did u get the pradeepdish pizza" 25) scene: late night chat room, ovais is trying to pull a quick one and have the link to the picture of rebecca power go to tubgirl.com cause hes clearly suave, he mixes it up so the link says "tubgirl.com" and it goes to the picture me: jeeze i dunno which one is worse, the picture of rebecca's face or tubgirl 26) later finding out that rebecca powers is IN FACT the infamous tubgirl 27) ian almost getting lynched by three sketchballs for being gay 28) rajat teabagging ian and extein 29) the infamous frisbee screech 30) AND, for all you dying fans out there, the lyrics you've all been waiting for: badambambam, badadadadadam, badambambam, badadadadadam, badambambam, badadadadadam, badambambam, badadadadadam, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3, 6, 9 fishers cryin' cme on kathy stand him up one more time low blow, low blow low blow low blow you ho low blow fom the computerrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the phone (to the phone) as he waits up in the morn (in the morn) for you to call his phone (his phone) AWWW SKEET SKEET SKEET KATHY awww skeet skeet god damn (gd damn) AWWW SKEET SKEET SKEET KATHY awww skeet skeet god damn (god damn) thats all for now folks- miss camp like crazy
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