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  1. zdb8r93

    Lacan :)

    Explain what you mean by "tricks". Because it can be as simple as having the correct 2NC blocks, but if you really want to demolish on a psychoanalysis/Lacan K, you need to really to have a good understanding on psychoanalytic theory.
  2. zdb8r93

    Lacan :)

    Yeah, that is the basis of the way that many people run the K, but it really doesn't do anything more than function as a security K in that instance. For example, if done correctly, the Lacan K can have a CAP, Queer Theory, Death Drive, and Security Impact in the 2NC with the shell you just explained.
  3. zdb8r93

    Lacan :)

    I'm on my second year of debating Lacan on the neg, and I have to say, most people are "Lacking" in their understanding. While I am no master of psychoanalytic theory, I have a very firm understanding of Lacanian theory and it's spin off. This topic is meant to increase education all around, for you, for me, and for anyone who stumbles upon it. Post some stuff, let's get a convo going. And always, Embrace The Lack
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