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  1. Yep I don't exist. You saying this alone shows you don't know that there are many people who don't identify as part of the gender binary. There is no way you could know anyway without asking them so how would you even know? I don't debate PF often, but if it's about gender then I will.
  2. Just a warning, that is not a good alt for cap, and any good team would either link you back to the K or just use empirical examples of how Catholicism has not ended Cap
  3. If they say women are only those with vaginas, you are set to go on a queer identity/transphobia-like kritik. I don't know good authors specifically, but I'm sure it won't be hard to find. Basically, just structure your argument as them promoting a gender dichotomy based on biology, which is bad, and probably bad under their framework.
  4. Yeah, some judges really hate kritikal case turns if you have no alt. I got voted down by a judge for it in finals at NFL quals, even though the other team never made the need an alt argument.
  5. Had finals and shit to do but here it is order - 2 off https://www.mediafire.com/?xurze96d1r4jrob
  6. Yeah, I will admit the title isn't that good. But the article is useful.
  7. Why did they include Mexico in the resolution? Such a bad idea.
  8. The society of the Pokemon world is not a free and liberating one, it's just as oppressive as the one we live in today. In fact, maybe a little bit more in some regards. Let's think about how each Pokemon game starts. You are a child, and your parents are in with the local professor, who has three one-of-a-kind Pokemon in his possession. When you travel around the world, you see nothing but kids with rats and pidgeons, while you have buff-ass crocodile. Obviously, not everyone in society is as lucky as Ash or Red. Somehow, your family just so happens to be great friends with a professor, who is well-respected and has access to many Pokemon and probably any accessory you would need for one. I don't think it would be too far of a leap in logic to see that your family is probably affluent. So we can already see there is some inequality present in the Pokemon world. While you're running around with Pikachu or Cyndoquil by your side, everyone else has Rattata or Hoot-Hoot to get them on their way. How are you supposed to become a Pokemon master with that? Obviously it's POSSIBLE, but when other people are running around with Bulbasaur, it makes it a little difficult. These kids can still have fun with Pokemon, mind you. They just won't become champions. And in a society that solely revolves around Pokemon, that seems pretty shitty. Instead of the fetishism of like trade goods in our society, the Pokemon society revolves around the fetishism of living creatures. We talk about how great it is that everyone in the Pokemon universe has the ability to do whatever they want, but what of the Pokemon themselves? Are they condemned to an existence of being used as tools in a sport consisting of glorified cock-fighting? Some Pokemon are allowed to walk with their trainers, but most are kept in balls/computers. The time they don't spend trying to murder other Pokemon they spend in a virtual cage. We don't know exactly what it's like to be in these virtual realities, but this society has already shown how little it cares about the welfare of these creatures, so why would they make these virtual cages comfortable? Either these creatures really don't want to be living in this way, or they have been domesticated to the point to where they accept it, which somehow seems worse. Yeah, it's great that Brock can be a breeder, and other people can sketch Pokemon or whatever, but what if you don't want to participate in something that revolves around Pokemon fighting? The photographers photograph Pokemon. The artists sketch Pokemon. Bill creates a computer system to transport Pokemon. Most other entrepreneurs create innovations that in some way relate to Pokemon. Store clerks sell Pokemon related goods. Medical professionals work on healing Pokemon. You have free will in the Pokemon universe, but only in so far that it relates to Pokemon. If you don't like Pokemon, too fucking bad, if you want to be employed, you'll find a way to participate in the Pokemon society. I agree, the Pokemon universe is awesome, as long as your family has it in with a professor and you want to become a trainer. It might be okay if you want to breed Pokemon or whatever. But I can't think of a worse universe for anyone who doesn't like Pokemon/Pokemon fighting and the Pokemon themselves.
  9. I think this article is pretty interesting and might help some arguments http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cuba-economic-reforms-hurting-the-poor-experts-warn/
  10. One more question, is there any funding for the plan? If so, where does it go? Also, I have the off-case for the 1NC finished, so once cx is finished I can do case and put the speech up
  11. lol I run this aff ARGogate is cool with me 1. Where is your solvency advocate that states that signing an S&T agreement will be enough to allow science coop to happen, with Cuba specifically? 2. Federoff talks about how science diplomacy solves all of these impacts, but how is your case key to science diplomacy as a whole? Won't science diplomacy exist without plan? 3. You tag your Pierik evidence with "to continue with everyday life without recognizing the fundamentally unfair and immoral allocation of resources and taking actions to solve us dooms us to catastrophe". In what way do you change the unfair and immoral allocation of resources? 4. On your biodiversity advantage - you impact this out to extinction, but where is your evidence that U.S.-Cuba science coop solves for this threat? How is cooperation between these two countries key to stopping the extinction impact? I get that they could work on saving species in the Caribbean, but won't there still be extinctions across the globe? 5. Your discovery card is slugged "key to solve all tropical diseases". Can you point out in the evidence where that claim is warranted? 6. In your Global News Research card, it states "Cuban biotechnology is free from corporate control and intellectual property-right regimes that exist in other countries" and goes on to explain why that's a good thing. Wouldn't that be a good reason to keep the Cuban biotech industry away from U.S. corporations? 7. You say that biotech is key to inevitable food shortages, but where is your evidence that CUBAN biotech is key to this? 8. Your Dr. Mendis evidence says S&T agreements are key to nanotech, but where is there evidence that Cuba is needed for this? 9. Your Mead cards states "American policy is likely to remain more interventionist" How is this proof that heg is inevitable or that we should continue it? 10. Who does your plan?
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