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  1. I don't have anything that necessarily ks time but I suggest maybe reading some of ernst bloch's writings on utopia. He basically discusses futurity and hope which is interesting and may have some stuff to do with what your running since you mentioned agamben and benjamin.
  2. What type of queer theory? Like Edelman stuff or queer futurism or sedgwick or something else?
  3. I would still really recommend watching the videos and FOR SURE you should watch the second one which is titled justice.
  4. This has been mentioned multiple times on this site but there is no "derrida k". Derrida makes a lot of arguments. I personally think the best ones for debate have to do ethics and our relationship to the other. He also made arguments about writing and linguistics and made points about giving gifts though that probably is more about the other again. My personal suggestion is to watch the videos on the egs channel on youtube where Diane Davis lectures on Derrida. She's really good at explaining his work pretty simply and I think you'll probably know derrida infinitely better if you watch the videos instead of reading a kritik. Also, if you're looking to cut a Derrida k, you'll know what to search after watching the lectures. here's the links to the ones I would suggest watching: I would also watch it in that order.
  5. Does anyone know what's going to happen with puttingthekindebate.com?
  6. I know im not necessarily answering your specific questions about dehum but I do think the best answer to #4 is "because you won on the flow". I mean, it doesn't really matter, but I think it helps because you don't give them an easy link to a critique and easy answers to permutations.
  7. I get where your coming from on point 2 but i still think its a debate to be had just because there is still pretty good evidence on how a rejection of alterity was the root cause of slavery. But your probably right that making point 1 only and developing it will probably be a stronger position.
  8. It's an epistemology kritik about how space/territory is a fluid concept but the affirmative creates a static conception of it. The alt is either the performance of the kritik, or an embracement of a differentiated space instead of an abstract space.
  9. I have a transportation infrastructure specific Lefebvre kritik if you want.
  10. Any time I hit this type of argument I made a few analytic arguments that there are probably cards for. 1. Capitalism doesn't necessarily explain all racism. For example, I am a privileged Indian from a rich neighborhood however when I walk through an airport I still get funny looks and I am more vulnerable to having to endure more interrogation. 2. Slavery could not have been a product of capitalism because if that was the case the Europeans could have enslaved other Europeans. Rather it was the belief that difference was inherently something that must be eliminated or subjugated that provoked Europeans to enslave the black body. Btw, I believe that you want cards for how capitalism isn't the root cause of racism but maybe i am wrong.
  11. Yeah, I went two years ago, except I went for the three week lab.
  12. Definitely UNT 4 week and for the last week if you pick Brian Lain as your lab leader then your set. Trust me, i went to both. Except I think SNFI may have changed from when I went there. Except do note that I was in the UNT k lab and that I only focused on kritiks so in terms of pure policy debate I am unsure. But both those camps are already very kritikal so I still think going to UNT is the best idea.
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