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    could someone explain what Thumpers are in terms of ptx?
  2. Does anyone have a nanotech file? Willing to trade. PM me.
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    Is the Coercion K in the same boat as Capitalism? What about Predictions, Taoism, Buddhism K's?
  4. NobiumCX


    1. What is a Reps K, and what are some examples? 2. What is a Discourse K, and what are some examples? 3. What is a Language K, and what are some examples? 4. Are their any other types of K's that I'm missing?
  5. and I highly suggest you don't run it...
  6. what specifically is he having trouble with?
  7. I feel like I've been overusing Cross-x.com and I don't want to come of as annoying, but I do want to be a much better debater. My team isn't going to another tournament till mid November so I figured that I would take the time off to become significantly better. I would like to think of myself as a competent debater, but I don't think i'm technical, fast, or strategic enough. The debate coach at my school is good, but cx isn't his specialty so there's only so much I can learn under his wing. I really want to use this month to change the level on which I debate but I really don't know how or where to start. I couldn't go to camp during the summer because there was no way i could afford it and I couldn't get a scholarship. My goal for this year is to qual and make outrounds at TFA state and make nationals. I really think i can do it if i do the right things this month, but honestly i'm not sure what to do... so, what do?
  8. Could you further explain this?
  9. Could someone explain to me how to properly kick out of Disadvantages/Counterplans/Kritiks? It would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Does anyone have the linklater 89 card that says something along the lines of war makes it impossible to adopt foreign policy methodologies?
  11. Thanks Guys. I took the SAT twice (2010 and 1970) and the ACT once (27).
  12. I've been doing debate since I was in middle school and now i'm a senior in high school. I didn't do very well in school because I was pretty distracted by unnecessary things, but I stuck to debate like a barnacle on a ship. Now I'm at a point where I'm trying to figure out where to apply to and what scholarships I can apply for, and I'm wondering how I should use my experiences in speech and debate to their full potential in terms of getting me admissions and scholarship money. If anyone could give me some advice on how to do so, it would be greatly appreciated. I live in Texas, btw. So if their are things I can do here specifically to help myself out, it would be nice to know. Also, does anyone know of any colleges or grant/scholarship providers who really like debaters?
  13. Hello, I was wondering what type of arguments you would cut cards from this article for. I'm guessing that it's Framework, or a K, or an indict of some kind but I'm not sure. Could you explain that? And also, what arguments could we use this in this year?
  14. http://www.cross-x.com/topic/34012-heidegger-explanation/ and iunno
  15. What does everyone mean when they say "Politics is dead first semester?"
  16. I read through the suggestions but something I don't understand is how those would be competitive with a plan on this topic such as an infrastructure bank, or HSR Do they not have to be competitive?
  17. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for a Leadership/Hegemony Advantage Counterplan and could help point me in the right direction before I start writing one. So if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to respond with them
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