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  1. Americans are not FREE to visit CUBA. American conservatives have banned certain words.
  2. Yukon

    Pump up songs

    Is RED good or BAD ? I know it implies 'communist' from the point-of-view of Americans.
  3. The Republicans could easily write a paper to discredit the Democrats and President Obama and post it on the www. Most conservatives would believe it. President Obama will raise taxes, ban guns, fund abortion, impose state medicare - any of these topics could easily be written to appear as official White House policy and Conservatives, in particular the TEA Baggers, would believe it.
  4. Yukon

    Pump up songs

    'Deutschland Ubber Alles' is a good example of a song designed to stir the masses to do whatever they are told to. The only song worthy of being sang daily by all mankind is John Lennon's 'Imagine'.
  5. Policy as in a form of debate? Cross-x?

  6. What do you mean ?

  7. Free will exists only if you are W.A.S.P. - Jews, RC's, Muslims, etc are prisoners to their religious leaders.
  8. Each and every woman should and does have the legal and moral right to rid her body of unwanted, parasitic fetal tissue if she so desires.
  9. Yukon

    Missing forums

    South X, Thank you very much for the information.
  10. The entire white paper is questionable simply becuase it is not signed. It could simply be propaganda created by the GOP.
  11. Yukon

    Missing forums

    Why are their no specific Forums for POLITICS and SOCIAL issues ? I get the impression you fear these because of the controversial nature of topics that will be posted i.e. Death Penalty, Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, etc.
  12. The message you have posted is littered with outright lies. I find it quite offensive.
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