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  1. Good to see UCO cards are being read by everyone in High School still..............
  2. That food tho 10/10 Being on both sides of the tournament (debated and judged) I can honestly say best tournament.
  3. T and Y aren't Post colonialism.................. Post colonialism is bad imo Look to, Jodi Byrd, Sandy Grande, Vine Deloira, Vine Deloira JR, Goeman (only if you are a native women), Churchill, Tuck and Yang (and them seperatly as authors ie Tuck and McKenize), Dunbar-Ortiz, Glen Coulthard, and Audre Simpson.(Byrd, Grande, and deloria are a must) Also, reading history is really good. It's helped me a lot doing knowing a lot about different tribes and such. Like you should do your own work to learn history and reading the major works of each of these authors.
  4. DHilligoss


    Thank god that post will be forever remembered. Much like 9/11.
  5. DHilligoss


    Fun fact he believes 9/11 was an inside job. (cause it was)
  6. DHilligoss


    Hey I know a guy that is a Sam Gustavson
  7. Impx turn that ish. Anthro good.
  8. lol Oklahoma needs more K friendly folks in Tulsa area. Trust me. Also debated four years in Oklahoma and read nothing but the K. Now I judge and at States I didn't judge a debate that didn't include a K.
  9. #TheBible https://www.scribd.com/doc/261300808/Byrd-Jodi-Transit-of-Empire
  10. Edit: I lied I don't want apart of this hippie thing.
  11. DHilligoss

    Cross X

    Come on how many times do I have to call this out.
  12. lol does this post mean the silence is strategic link doesn't work anymore?
  13. DHilligoss


    You don't debate anymore Jordan what are you doing?
  14. Ya that sucks. Most college debates who would love the money will be at the swing.
  15. Or just read anthro good and call it a day.
  16. University of Central Oklahoma. We have a college tournament I assume that's what he's talking about.
  17. http://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2014/DDI/Thai%20Slavery%20K%20Aff%20-%20DDI%202014%20SWS.docx
  18. Trinity did pretty much that. http://opencaselist.paperlessdebate.com/bin/Trinity/Solice-Rothenbaum+Aff
  19. I'm a coach so boring first day. But second day I got a donut. Shoutout to Officer Tom! We appreciate you serving justice and donuts.
  20. I'll say probably a troll but still. First it's problematic to say "black teams" are the ones "ignoring" the rez. Calling anyone who "ignores" the rez black teams is literally just wrong. Not my area of expertise but you are totes wrong. Two good examples being Emporia and OU and how they tie in the rez to the way the debate. What is the rez? A topic of discussion. You have your way of approaching it and people will approach the topic differently. If your only argument is they don't use the Fed gov then you are missing the point of the debate. And if all you can come up with is FW and Cap you need to really rethink strategies.
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