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  1. So, for a few weeks now, after I heard this year's resolution, I've had the stirrings of an idea for a kritik. The kritik will basically pertain mainly to teams running colonization affirmatives. The kritik will have the general idea of: "Aff's use of colonization rhetoric is the root cause of the systematic environmental impacts advocated in their Aff." So essentially, Aff keeps talking about Earth being disposable through all this "colonizing-Mars-talk." This rhetoric leads to the mindset (real-world impacts) that we can dispose of this planet. Leads to extinction? Solve root cause of impacts through the ballot. But I, unfortunately, have a few problems. 1) The K needs a name. 2) I have no idea where to find evidence on this. Does anyone know any authors that sound like something along these lines? Thanks! P.S. This Kritik may be already as common and as well-known as...duct tape already, so just tell me if this idea has been circulated on the interwebs
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