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  1. You should go for the Elections disad Jhen 8610. Nothing he read on it is even mildly responsive except for the first card. And let's be honest, you don't understand the K's....
  2. The problem I have with 4 speaker is the idea that it is supposed to "expose the best the state has to offer." It's good for what it is, and everyone who went to it did very well, and should be proud of their accomplishment, but the fact is, BVW BS, SME CH, Manhattan PW, WaRu KS, Topeka AZ, SME MT, SMS MO, BVN JP, etc, etc, were all in 2 speaker. Suggesting that flow judges should be taken from the more competitive side and inserted into 4 speaker seems outlandish to me, as does the idea that 4 speaker is held in the same regard as 2 speaker. Again, this is not a knock to SMW, Free State, or BVW who all did well in the given field.
  3. This can be answered in 2 ways. Cutest couple, and most powerful team. I will add to the poll as more couples come to my attention.
  4. Has anyone seen any evidence along the lines of "Only scenario for great power war is if US attacks?" I'd be willing to trade for this card, but I'm not sure if it exists or not.
  5. Edit: I have everything on the NDCA open evidence project. I am looking for other stuff. Thanks
  6. I am looking for multiple Warming Good files other than the one that GDI put out this year. Will trade for it. PM me.
  7. I'm writing an affirmative for the high school topic, and I'm looking to do a relations advantage. However, most of the evidence indicates cooperation is what increases relations. Is it extra t to claim an adv off of this if you have evidence that indicates cooperation is normal means? I probably wouldn't specify it in the plan, and the evidence indicates mostly that when we develop the technology, workers from that country would come to work, and that's how we would cooperate. Thanks.
  8. I'm wondering what everbody in Kansas has planned for this upcoming summer for debate. Just like every summer, there are going to be a ton of camps and it'd be cool to see if any of our paths will cross. So where's everyone going? I'll be at UMKC 2 week.
  9. Resolved: In a democracy rights created by legislation are preferable to rights created by the judiciary. What would be the best stance for pro and neg? Thanks
  10. Can spectators come to watch rounds?
  11. Thanks, I hadn't seen that on google books. Do you know if there's a place where the full card is? that's only part of the card because it stops after page 110.
  12. No Link – Agencies don’t affect the agenda Schoenbrod, Prof., Law, New York Univ., ’94 (David, Power Without Responsibility: How Congress Abuses the People through Delegation, p. 108) Delegation allows …of their appointees. Does anyone have that card? I would appreciate it if someone could post it here or send it to me in a private message. Thanks in advance.
  13. Could you link me the place you found this card?
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