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  1. by word i mean microsoft word- sorry if i wasnt clear about that
  2. Hey my computer is being stupid and wont let me install word. Are there any alternatives word AND that are able to run the debate synergy program as well??
  3. jiggy13


    Does anyone know where i can get a physical timer that's not like gonna break or stuff?? All i've been able to find at like walmart or target is just kitchen timers
  4. What the hell does "normal means" mean? and why is it important in debate
  5. jiggy13


    Hey guys i was going through some other debating websites and i saw something called timecube. Anyone wanna explain what it's all about Should i run it as an arguement in a debate round
  6. he might want to do it so that he can bring in a more powerfull political figure and ally
  7. jiggy13

    NBA Basketball

    what are the chances that we see another celtics- lakers finals where it goes to seven games? Would be awesome as hell though
  8. http://www.letmewatchthis.ch/external.php?title=Resolved&url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5tZWdhdmlkZW8uY29tL3YvTk0xSUtLUUE=&domain=bWVnYXZpZGVvLmNvbQ==&loggedin=0
  9. jiggy13

    2AR help

    i have had trouble giving my 2AR. Any advice on how to give a better 2ar. Also i would love to know how to better incorporate case in my rebuttal. Any comments are appreciated
  10. the word and is a word that joins two independent clauses in the plan text which is a voting issue
  11. the most untopical case i've seen- remove all animals owned by the u.s military from the six topic countries
  12. i came up against a kritikal racism aff and i wasnt sure what to read on case any suggestions
  13. consult cp, reverse spending, lots of topicality cuz they always undercut one and makes easy work in the 2nr
  14. jiggy13

    Speaker Points

    people tell me i need to become more persuasive how the hell do i do it
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