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  1. To any interested, One policy debate coach is sought for El Cerrito High School in Northern CA (near UC Berkeley). Experience required. Should be a current or former college debater, or have debated policy debate in High School. Should desire to work with a diverse group of varsity policy debaters, watch and critique practice debates, instruct in technique, help prepare evidence, and attend many tournaments as a coach/judge. We will discuss a contract if you are offered the job. Please contact Darrell Kinney ECHS Forensics dkinneysf@gmail.com
  2. El Cerrito High School is seeking an interested former debater to judge junior varsity policy debate on February 9th-10th at the Stanford Invitational. If you live in the Palo Alto area this would be a good opportunity to throw your hat into the old debate ring and pick up a few dollars. We will pay $100 a day. Please contact Darrell ASAP if you are interested. dkinneysf@gmail.com
  3. I cant recommend enough what BAUDL is doing for kids in the Oakland/SF metro area. If you aren't doing anything in August give back to these hard working debaters and this great program. I can't apply for this program because I am already working at my school's summer institute during that time, otherwise I would. Darrell Kinney El Cerrito High School Director of Forensics
  4. Darrell


    Likely there will be some foundationalist kritiks of national identity based on how our imagining of the US nation state has historically excluded and done violence to different groups, e.g. Native Americans and Latin American Immigrants. Some questions: Will the benefits of transportation infrastructure, for example, increased trade and economy, have an invisible costs to migratory labor? Do roads, lanes, cities construct space in such a way to hurt marginal groups, i.e. poor, minorities, homeless? There is nice potential for unique, compelling Kritiks that link hard to the Aff's retelling of national progress and development.
  5. Worst: Space Elevators - Not feasible with status quo technology. I hope next year's topic doesn't exhibit any bad futurism.
  6. Finals St. Marks Batra/Burdette (Neg) defeats Iowa City West Ding/Hancock (Aff) on a 2-1 decision.
  7. Yes. George Washington Clark/Owens (Neg) beat Greenhill Patel/Patterson (Aff) on a 6-5 decision. Greenhill's Aff was redeploying US marines stationed in Okinawa other than the 31st Marine Expeditionary unit. Advantages were Deterrence and Asian stability. GW went for case and a humanitarian relief D/A with a relations add on.
  8. Darrell

    K books

    First, every debater should read the foundational texts of Liberalism (Rousseau, Hobbes, Locke, Mills). It is the dominant world-view in American politics. Then, If you have a good handle of philosophy and actually want to begin studying Kritiks you should read Kant, Marx, and Freud first.
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