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  1. The noise pollution disad is what my team ran all year, the uniqueness is weak and the threshold argument but if you are good enough it should be a sufficient disad noise pollution da.docx
  2. Today was the last round my team debated. Here is all the files that we had this year. The state prep has all the advs and case files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ir2uhtzloeuai1h/AABJ0Vd1-4efNgnn0kibeyrca?dl=0
  3. 3A is up in the air for sure this year favorites are Lago Vista MM, Clifton DN, and Mildred DM
  4. You could look at the idea of catch sharing. One of my teams used catch sharing as solv for overfishing. It might be a little sketchy on effects.
  5. 1. Because it's not relevant, Mexico is waiting on the US to take a hardline stance on cap and trade before they take any action that is Reppeto 13, it why Mexico's cap and trade right now is involuntary and won't meet emission standards 2. Because once we pass the plan we enter into negotiations with Mexico over cap and trade that is what Burtraw says in the 2AC 1. Because the plan would be spun as a cap and trade free market plan why I said in cross ex we auction off these credits instead of the US just giving handouts to big business 1. We believe we solve for Algae, as I pointed out we aren't solydra we are a free market plan like our Banzhaf 11 card says. So we believe we do fully solve the advantage. P.S. I really expected you to kick the alt and apply the card as a solv take out so don't disappoint
  6. 2AC I think its 100 words over the word count so you can use that in the 2NC. Order: T, DA, K, Case same order as 1NC 2AC edgehopper.doc
  7. 2AC is done just trying to make it meet the word count now. Also trying to balance a physics final paper. sorry about the delay I'll try to get it up tonight
  8. 2AC should be up tonight, I'm already enjoying this round and love to argue against the libertarian mindset, because it sorta aligns with my political philosophy.
  9. Okay can you just give me an example of the free market?
  10. CX: T: 1. Can you name a plan that does not require US to act unilaterally? DA: 1. How much political capital does it take to pass the plan? 2. Why would republicans turn their back on the TPA if our plan was passed? 3. Can you name another democrat other then the senator from West Virginia that is against climate legislation? 4. Why does fiat not solve the link? 5. Are you saying the Asian Pivot is good? 6. Why does our trade not solve the impact listed in the Palmer card? K: 1. Status of the alt? 2: What is the free market? Give an example? 3: What subsidies does the plan create? 4: What business plan to profit via the plan? 5: Have previous cap and trade programs been a part of cronyism? 6: In your Henderson 12 card are you comparing Solyndra to Cap and Trade? 7: How do you plan on providing a strong competitive environment via the ALT? 8: Can I weigh the case against the K? Case: 1. Oh no you run Inherency attack? lol this is just me having a little fun 2. Your Victor 09 card talks about failure of cap and trade in Europe, what about other parts of the world? 3. Were do I claim I solve global warming? 4. Is China doing anything currently to solve CO2 emissions? 5. Why can't Mexico spill over and help countries like China and India? 2AC might take me a while since I'm getting ready to graduate but should be up Sunday at the latest.
  11. CX will be up tomorrow, headed home from state speech right now.
  12. I'm fine with a slower round and pure policy round. 2. We strictly regulate CO2 emissions in our cap and trade, and not SO2, but solving for CO2 can solve for SO2 the durning 09 card and will read more evidence in the 2AC if attacked 3. Cap and Trade promotes green technology, so it wouldn't necessarily have to be the same green tech that helps reduce CO2 emissions but just the green technology that comes along with the effects of Cap and Trade. 4. Once again you will want to see answer to number 3 for this. 5. The United States promotes 25% of the worlds CO2 emissions and Mexico promotes about 1.5 % of the worlds carbon emissions 6. The framework is two parts first it states how nuclear war won't happen, for two reasons because of detterence and psychology which means any type of nuclear war impact you go for you will have to answer this card first. The 2nd card sets up the impact calculus for the round on how we should focus on structural harms first, because the harms are already happening in the status quo. 7. The bill in 2009 is the bill that we want to pass, but instead of government regulating who gets the permits, the system would work in an auction format like the Califorina Cap and Trade program. 8. Yeah republican's don't like the plan because its associated with climate change, even though Ronald Reagan was the first to implement a cap and trade program lol
  13. 1. Cap and trade is a system were the government limits the amount of carbon that can be produced by one company, then in order to permit carbon the actor will usually hold an auction were companies by these permits. If a company can not meet the standard they can trade with a company that can meet the standards. I.E. the limit is set for allowing 1 million carbon emissions Company A can't meet the emissions by 500,000 emissions. Company A then trades with company B, who met the emissions standards by less then 500,000 emissions. The cap is the limit, and the trade is the permit swapping between business. Over time the permit will become more expensive due to the nature of the market which means business will have to innovate and promote green technology because it makes sense business wise.
  14. Looks like learning can't debate anybody want to pick up this round?
  15. Okay maybe stocks was a better word, and I agree its becoming more progressive, we went for K every round this year as neg. I like to see the transition but you see more stocks debaters then you do teams like y'all and Athens.
  16. My aff is only 1,700 words was why I was thinking it because we live in a lay area. How about 2400/2000
  17. Will post case when we get a judge. 2,000/1,600 good for word count?
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