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  1. Yay--a reasonable person =p I think the issues at stake are primarily accessibility and academic value. I'm totes interested in hearing everyone's thoughts. What makes parli (or policy) more accessible? More valuable to the academic community?
  2. Ditto on the Plato and Engels and Marx, but I'd also add Kant, Machiavelli, Rousseau, Hobbes, Mills, Bentham, Smith, and Locke. Also, Aristotle's Politics. Then again, those are just things you should read regardless =p
  3. Actually, I meant Portland, OR =] BP doesn't really have circuits--even though we have regionals, they're open to teams from all areas, like most tournaments. So, for example, we had a few teams from the Midwest competing at the NEUDC regionals about three weeks ago. Ah, funding--the bane of our debate society's existence v.v
  4. Okay, so I know there aren't many parli debaters on this forum, and I think I might be the only actual BP debater. That aside, I'd really like to see who is going/has gone to either USUDC or Worlds--doesn't matter whether you usually compete in BP or NPDA or whatevs. USUDC '11 is in two weeks--UVM is hosting, which means Tuna (A.C. Snider) will be tabbing! I'm super excited. Oh, and if there are non-BP debaters who have questions about USUDC/Worlds, I'm totally up for answering them =D
  5. Firstly, kudos to NPDA Nats on picking an Irish team--they're always fantastic. One of my favorite judges (Stephen Boyle) was in the '08 NPDA/Irish debate...though I don't think those debates follow actual Worlds format. Well, it depends what region you're in, because so many schools do BP, but some of the biggest are Oxford, Monash, Dublin, St. John's, UVM, Portland State, and Claremont. What about NPDA?
  6. I actually don't do either APDA or NPDA. I do British parli/Worlds-format, which is a bit different (and, in my mind, better in some respects than AP)--I'm more than happy to explain the differences to you, if you want!
  7. The worst thing I've ever seen done in a round was a girl stripping. Yeah. The motion was "THW ban nonessential cosmetic surgery," and the opposition whip ended her speech with, "This is my body, and I'll do whatever the hell I want! *off comes her shirt*"
  8. Funniest judge comments: "I like to watch porn"; "Whenever you give a whip speech, you need to make your partner's extension sound like the best thing since legal pads: he is hot, brilliant, and the best speaker ever." Worst judge comment: "You and your partner...well, you kind of look like Nazis. I think it's the blonde hair.
  9. Guys, come on. Both formats can be amazing and effective when done well--this whole argument is like arguing pairs skating versus ice dance. I, for one, have zero background in policy or LD, yet I'm an up-and-coming parli debater (my partner and I are ranked tenth in the NE, and we've only been competing together for a month and a half). You don't need one to become fantastic at the other. What you do need are motivation, dedication, lots of practice, a good coach, and the willingness to do research. Also, this whole line of argumentation concerning parli having no logic, evidence, or ruining one's thinking ability is, to be quite blunt, a load of BS. Have you ever actually watched a good BP round--say from WUDC? I'd go do that before you say anything else. (I highly recommend the 2011 final round--so good!) Most misconceptions about anything come from either ignorance or poor experience; therefore they're generally not a good gauge. Let's not assess a format by the worst rounds debated, or by our limited personal experience, or by our affinity for another format. Furthermore, we're debaters; can we please avoid the lovely logical fallacies of ad hominem and hasty generalizations? Oh, and by the way: even schools that primarily compete in policy or APDA send teams to WUDC. Yeah, 'cause it's that big of a deal.
  10. In case you were referring to me, I totes didn't confuse the two =p but BP and Worlds are synonymous. Four teams in one room makes for awesome clash, if they know what they're doing.
  11. Okay, so, I figured I'd address some of these criticisms of parli (specifically BP) in my first post. Whoohoo. Firstly, on the point of no prep time: Yeah, that's what makes Worlds-format debate more difficult than policy in some respects. Just because we don't prep long cases doesn't mean we don't write briefs or research. You need to pull concepts (AND evidence) from your memory quickly. You need to find the points of stasis and fulfill your role adequately. In my mind, this doesn't make BP less educational, as one poster mentioned. In fact, I think it gives you a greater incentive to research on your own prerogative; you will be sufficiently rewarded. BP also rewards quick thinking. As I said, finding and dealing with the points of stasis are key aspects of BP--ESPECIALLY if you're opening gov. (APDA kids, that's first aff or whatever.) Secondly, on the point of a lack of evidence: If you have no evidence, a good chair will take that into account and penalize you, whether in placement, speaks, or both. You need to have relevant examples. Examples are the language of parli. If you don't provide evidence, warrants, and express solvency, whatever arguments you run will fall apart pretty quickly. You need both analysis AND evidence. Analysis falls flat if a judge doesn't see it as realistic or plausible. Thirdly, I think BP is a far more accessible form of debate. The format is pretty straightforward, and the speakers generally don't speak at unintelligible rates. Furthermore, it's all about creating a good clash. Judges look for debaters who can clash well with the other side of the house. I find this far more engaging and appealing than merely rattling off facts. Also, BP allows for a wider range of motions--we debate everything from "THW legalize police entrapment" to "THBT eating meat is unethical" to "THW invade Libya" to "TH prefers a philosopher king to a tyrannical democracy." Fourthly, if anyone's going to USUDC in a couple weeks, tell me =] I'm soooo excited!
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