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  1. Extra T on the mindset of solving racism, maybe discourse isn't topical, hit them on solvency of EOS then have a CP that solves warming, specing that you approach it in the racial mindset they talk about. Maybe read politics with something that can impact to racism (maybe war, or econ collapse), proving they only make problem worse? Be sure to hit them on their last card about it not being an issue of solvency, because that card implies that as long as you talk about something you should win the round.
  2. We read 8 minutes of inherency...on the aff. We spread the Speed K. We are on all four sides of the Timecube. Booker T doesn't always come to Norman North, but when we do, we only bring one team. Edit: What we're trying to say is that AK is coming. Thanks pranav
  3. I'm not quite clear on how SBSP could possibly solve for asteroids. The energy beam emitted by SPS isn't anywhere near enough to stop a planet killer...is it some sort "we lead to the development of anti-asteroid tech" deal? At that point, you may as well make a status quo solves argument along with impact defense. Asteroids is a super easy impact to outweigh anyways so it probably ain't critical. Although impact turning it could be a brilliant move, as if something that solves for asteroids probably links right into space weaponization.
  4. Also, if you ever hit this team, this article may come in slightly handy. They have a lot of Zizek cites. And here's what Zizek has to say about Avatar... http://www.newstatesman.com/film/2010/03/avatar-reality-love-couple-sex
  5. Booker T has a cx team? Since when? I thought they were an LD school.
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